Research Cooperation


Interdisciplinary collaboration is included in the profile of research activities. The department’s linguists and literary researchers and translation researchers collaborate in research projects and in postgraduate education with other scholars from other language and literature departments, as well as with researchers in sociology, history, archaeology, the educational sciences, art history and gender studies.

The department engages in research cooperation in its priority fields with universities and research institutes in Finland as well as with top European and North American universities, and is a proactive participant in national, Nordic and European graduate schools and postgraduate networks. The department has especially close relationships with universities in the Nordic countries and in Estonia and Hungary. There are joint projects with the universities of Freiburg, Linköping, Mainz, Paris (Paris III), Petrozavodsk and Uppsala, among others. The department is involved the Nordic Graduate School Network in Language Studies, Nordling, and the European PhDnet “Literary and Cultural Studies” doctoral studies network.

The department has postgraduate and researcher exchanges with many European universities, including Budapest, Freiburg, Tartu, Tromsø, Uppsala, and York, and INALCO (Paris). Postgraduate education is enriched by Erasmus agreements, the young researchers programme in Finnish studies (CIMO and the Fulbright centre), as well as the scholarships under the Kindred Peoples Programme.

Research cooperation partners in Finland include:

  • Departments of the University of Helsinki (Department of Modern Languages, Department of Teacher Education, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, Department of Social Research)
  • Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan
  • Research Institute for the Languages of Finland
  • Finnish Literature Society
  • The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
  • Finno-Ugrian Society
  • Society for the Study of Finnish.