Interaction with Society

Interaction with Society

The department’s academic staff offer their expertise in various organisations, foundations and associations as well as on working groups and committees in public administration. A considerable number of the department’s scientific publications have an extensive circulation, even outside the scientific community. The department’s teachers and researchers also actively publish textbooks on language and literature as well as non-fiction, contribute to daily newspapers and appear in the media.

The department trains future teachers of Finnish and Swedish as a mother tongue and as a second language for comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and other educational institutions.

The needs of future teachers are taken into consideration in the degree requirements and teaching. In planning the curriculum aimed at future teachers of language and literature, the department works in cooperation with teachers who have graduated from the department, teaching organisations and the Department of Teacher Education. Several research projects on the teaching of language and literature in comprehensive schools are underway in the department.  The department has  many staff members on the Matriculation Examination Board.

The department plays an active role in continuing education for teachers (the teaching of Finnish language and literature, Swedish language teaching, teaching of Finnish as a second language) in co-operation with the Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education, the Finnish National Board of Education and the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO), among others.

After graduating, many of the department’s students work in public administration, the business world and various organisations as translators, journalists, editors, public relations officers and trainers. The professional skills of the alumni are relied upon when planning career studies and looking for work experience placements for students.

The department’s closest cooperation partners are: