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Department Administration

About the Department

Head and Deputy Head of the Department

The Department Head:

  • directs and oversees the department’s activities,
  • makes decisions concerning the department’s internal affairs unless the matter in question comes under the authority of someone else,
  • is responsible for the performance of the department and for personnel administration and its implementation in accordance with the university's personnel policy,
  • is responsible for the department's finances, results and efficiency.

The Head of the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies is Professor Hanna Lehti-Eklund. The Deputy Head of the Department is Professor Jyrki Nummi.

Department Steering Committee

The  Steering Committee makes decisions on most practical matters concerning the department. One of its most important tasks is to monitor and develop the department’s teaching and research. It is also responsible for the curriculum and teaching programme, and it monitors and develops the department's student counselling. The Steering Committee is also responsible for promoting cooperation between students and the staff as well as for the dissemination of information in the department.

The Steering Committee has 12 members and 12 deputy members.



Professor Riho Grünthal

Professor Janne Saarikivi

Professor Pirjo Kukkonen

Professor Ebba Witt-Brattström

Professor Jyrki Nummi

Professor Pirjo Lyytikäinen

Professor Tiina Onikki-Rantajääskö

Professor Markku Haakana

University lecturer Magdolna Kovács

Postgraduate student Santra Jantunen

University lecturer Hanna Lappalainen

University lecturer Johanna Komppa

University lecturer Camilla Lindholm

Lecturer Carita Rosenberg-Wolff

Amanuensis Niina Niskanen

Financial Planning Officer Kaarina Walter

Student Maria Mikkonen

Student Teemu Palkki

Student Agata Dominowska

Student Annimaria Mäkikyrö

Student Aino Kautsalo 

Student Milla Suikkanen

Student Henri Satokangas   

Student Armi Ruoho


The minutes of the meetings are available on the Alma intranet.