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FuGU offers genome profiling services by Next-Generation Sequencing as well as by Affymetrix and Agilent microarray platforms. The services include RNA-seq, copy number profiling, transcriptomics analysis including miRNA and exon specific expression, DNA-protein interaction and epigenome analyses. We also provide services in nucleic acid extraction and quality control analysis. Our Fluidigm Biomark HD instrument is able to perform High-throughput qPCR analysis. We are a service provider for Olink Bioscience for performing High-throughput protein Biomarker detection from Human samples using Olink's Proseek Multiplex assay panels.

For gene silencing and ectopic expression purposes, we offer high-titer lentiviral or retroviral particles produced from viral shRNA and ORF constructs targeting genes of interest. Lentiviruses or retrovirus are produced from customer's vector or from in-house lentiviral shRNA collection targeting 16,000 human and mouse genes each and in-house lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA targeting about 20,000 human genes. We are also offering an access to a biosafety level 2 facility for working with lenti- and retroviruses.

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Genome Profiling Services
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