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Alma Flamma

Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit (FuGU)


Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit (FuGU) provides a wide range of services related to functional genomics. These services cover Next-Generation Sequencing (i.e. RNAseq and DNAseq), Single-Cell transcriptomics, Microarrays, Olink Biomarker assays, RT-qPCR and Bioinformatics.

FuGU also provides services for virus-mediated gene silencing, knockout and overexpression. We are housing genome-wide lentiviral shRNA libraries, which contain clones for 16,000 human and mouse genes each and CRISPR/Cas-9 library for human and mouse containing guideRNAs for around 20,000 genes each.

The unit is located in Biomedicum Helsinki and operates under the national Biocenter Finland infrastructure network. FuGU is part of the HiLIFE Genome Analysis and GoEditStem infrastructures of the University of Helsinki.

Contact Information

Biomedicum Functional Genomics Unit
Biomedicum Helsinki 1
Haartmaninkatu 8
00290 Helsinki


Genome Profiling Services
Room B325/6
+ 358 2 941 25188

Gene Function and Virus Services
Room B508
+ 358 2 941 25494