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Since French philology is not only about contemporary French or the culture of France, the students can choose to concentrate on specific fields: contemporary language, teaching French, the language varieties and literatures of different French speaking areas, philology, and the study of medieval literature.

Students may also specialize in translation if they choose the translator line of studies. More information on translation studies and multilingual communication


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Structure of studies

Prospective students apply to study French philology. In French philology, the general option and the specialist option in translation have joint basic studies. The major subject is registered as French philology. During their first term of basic studies, those who are applying for the specialist option in translation must complete the Translation competences course, whose final examination serves as a proficiency test and a Finnish test. Those who pass the examination can specialise in translation and complete the intermediate and the advanced studies in the specialist option in translation.

The scope of the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is 180 credits and includes basic studies in translation studies and Finnish for translators in addition to basic studies in French philology (25 cr) and intermediate studies in the specialist option French philology, translation studies (45 cr). In addition, the studies include compulsory studies for students at the Faculty of Arts as well as elective studies chosen by the student.

In the Master of Arts degree (MA), the specialist option in French philology, translation studies is part of the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, whose scope is 120 credits. In advanced studies, students specialise at least in one speciality in translation: law and administration, interpreting, or audiovisual translation. It is also possible to apply for the specialist option in translation only during the Master’s studies, in which case the studies include studies in translation studies and Finnish for translators as well.

Career opportunities

French philology graduates are successful in finding employment. French is a significant language not only in the European Union but also elsewhere in the world. In addition, there is demand for experts in the French language and the French-speaking culture in Finland. You can become a French teacher or a translator, or find employment in, for instance, the media or tourism, the business world or at the service of international organisations requiring language skills.