Most of the doctoral dissertations are available also in electronic format.

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Doctoral dissertations, year 2016

  • Brent Matthies: A service-dominant perspective on payments for ecosystem service offerings. E-publication »»
  • Daniel Etongo Bau: Deforestation and forest degradation in southern Burkina Faso: Understanding the drivers of change and options for revegetation. E-publication »»

  • Jaana Korhonen: On the high road to future forest sector competitiveness. E-publication »»

  • Ninni Saarinen: Predicting vegetation characteristics in a changing environment by means of laser scanning. E-publication »»
  • Ville Kasurinen: Linking water and carbon cycles: modeling latent heat exchange and dissolved organic carbon. E-publication »»

  • Milla Niemi: Animal-vehicle collisions - from knowledge to mitigation. E-publication »»

  • Esa-Jussi Vitala:The emergence and early development of forest resource economic thought : From land and forest valuation to marginal analysis and vintage capital models. E-publication »»

  • Abbot Oghenekaro: Molecular analysis of the interaction between white rot pathogen (Rigidoporus microporus) and rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). E-publication »»

Doctoral dissertations, year 2015

  • Susanna Keriö: Terpene analysis and transcript profiling of the conifer response to Heterobasidion annosum s.l. infection and Hylobius abietis feeding. E-publication »»
  • Juho Aalto: Seasonal and spatial variation of VOC emissions from boreal Scots pine forest. E-publication »»
  • Heikki Korpunen: Activity-based costing method in forest industry – modelling the production and costs of sawing, the pulp and paper industry, and energy production. E-publication »»
  • Emmi Haltia: Contingent valuation and choice experiment of citizens' willingness to pay for forest conservation in southern Finland. E-publication »»
  • Hongxin Chen: Heterobasidion annosum sensu stricto Pathogenesis: Bioinformatic and Functional Study of Cerato-platanin Family Proteins. E-publication »»
  • Maija Kymäläinen: Moisture sorption properties and fungal degradation of torrefied wood in storage. E-publication »»
  • Nicolas Détry: In Silico Genomics of Fungal Oxidoreductase Genes. E-publication »»
  • Aarne Hovi: Towards an enhanced understanding of airborne LiDAR measurements of forest vegetation. E-publication »»
  • Svetlana Saarela: Use of remotely sensed auxiliary data for improving sample-based forest inventories. E-publication »»
  • Eeva-Liisa Terhonen: Environmental Impact of Using Phlebiopsis gigantea in Stump Treatment Against Heterobasidion annosum sensu lato and Screening Root Endophytes to Identify Other Novel Control Agents. E-publication »»
  • Osmo Mattila: Towards service-dominant thinking in the Finnish forestry service market. E-publication »»
  • Liisa Vihervuori : Ecological interactions between herbivores and silver birch and aspen trees genetically modified for fungal disease resistance. E-publication »»
  • Ville Kankare:The prediction of single-tree biomass, logging recoveries and quality attributes with laser scanning technique. E-publication »»
  • Maanavilja, Liisa: Restoration of ecosystem structure and function in boreal spruce swamp forests. E-publication »»
  • Holopainen, Sari: Duck habitat use and reproduction in boreal wetlands: importance of habitat quality and population density. E-publication »»
  • Majasalmi, Titta: Estimation of leaf area index and the fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation in a boreal forest. E-publication »»
  • Karttunen, Kalle: Added-value innovation of forest biomass supply chains. E-publication »»

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