Dissertation archives

Doctoral dissertations, year 2014

  • Manavakun, Nopparat : Harvesting operations in eucalyptus plantations in Thailand. E-publication »»
  • Ojanen, Paavo. Estimation of greenhouse gas balance for forestry-drained peatlands. E-publication »»
  • Petty, Aaron. Opportunities for cost mitigation and efficiency improvements through rationalization of small-diameter energy wood supply chains. E-publication »»
  • Kankaanhuhta, Ville: Quality management of forest regeneration activities. E-publication »»
  • Wan, Minli: In search of sustainable competitive advantage in the wood products industry : Evidence from China and Finland. E-publication »»

Doctoral dissertations, year 2013

  • Kallio, Maarit. Factors influencing farmers' tree planting and management activity in four case studies in Indonesia. E-publication »»
  • Tesemma, Mesele Negash. The indigenous agroforestry systems of the south-eastern Rift Valley escarpment, Ethiopia: Their biodiversity, carbon stocks, and litterfall. E-publication »»
  • Raffaello, Tommaso.Pathogenomics of the Heterobasidion species : Functional analysis of the HaHOG1 MAP kinase. E-publication »»
  • Laurila, Jussi. Moisture content, weight loss and potential of energy wood in South and Central Ostrobothnia regions in western Finland. E-publication »»
  • Lintunen, Anna. Crown architecture and its role in species interactions in mixed boreal forests. E-publication »»
  • Saarinen, Markku. Männyn kylvö ja luontainen taimettuminen vanhoilla ojitusalueilla – turvemaiden uudistamisen erityispiirteitä. E-publication »»
  • Susiluoto, Sannamaija. Growth limitation of trees and carbon balance of the vegetation in the treeline zone in north eastern Lapland. E-publication »»
  • Pearson, Meeri. Maximizing peatland forest regeneration success at lowest cost to the atmosphere: Effects of soil preparation on Scots pine seedling vitality and GHG emissions. E-publication »»
  • Repola, Jaakko. Modelling tree biomasses in Finland. E-publication »»
  • Rantala, Salla. The winding road from exclusion to ownership : Governance and social outcomes in contemporary forest conservation in northeastern Tanzania. E-publication »»
  • Awuah, Baffour. A geospatial approach to assessing the synergies of agriculture-based poverty alleviation programmes. E-publication »»
  • Rasilo, Terhi. Connecting silvan and lacustrine ecosystems: transport of carbon from forests to adjacent water bodies. E-publication »»

Doctoral dissertations, year 2012

  • Aaltonen, Hermanni. Exchange of volatile organic compounds in the boreal forest floor. University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences. E-publication »»
  • Jalonen, Riina. Belowground pathways for nitrogen transfer from a tropical legume tree to an associated fodder grass. E-publication »»
  • Kettula, Kirsi. Towards professional growth: essays on learning and teaching forest economics and marketing through drama, role-play and reflective journals. E-publication »»
  • Li, Ning. A quest for corporate sustainability in forest-based industry: a resource-based perspective. E-publication »»
  • Eyvindson, Kyle. Integration of preference elicitation and the development of alternative forest plans: focusing on the requirements of the decision maker. E-publication »»
  • Hokajärvi, Raili. Developing the forest planning process – changes directed by the planning practices and their historical development in non-industrial private forests. E-publication »»
  • Vastaranta, Mikko. Forest mapping and monitoring using active 3D remote sensing. E-publication »»
  • Mäkiranta, Päivi. Heterotrophic soil respiration in drained peatlands - Abiotic drivers, and changes after clearfelling and afforestation. E-publication »»
  • Barua, Sepul K. Effects of taxes and climate policy instruments on harvesting of managed forests and on tropical deforestation. E-publication »»
  • Paavola, Marjo. The Impact of Village Development Funds on Community Welfare in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. E-publication »»

Doctoral dissertations, year 2011

  • Husgafvel, Roope. Global and EU governance for sustainable forest management with special reference to capacity building in Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. E-publication »»
  • Jylhä, Paula. Harvesting undelimbed Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) from first thinnings for integrated production of kraft pulp and energy. E-publication »»
  • Kalame, Fobissie Blese. Forest governance and climate change adaptation: Case studies of four African countries. E-publication »»
  • Kalliokoski, Tuomo. Root system traits of Norway spruce, Scots pine, and silver birch in mixed boreal forests: an analysis of root architecture, morphology, and anatomy. E-publication »»
  • Kulmala, Liisa. Photosynthesis of ground vegetation in boreal Scots pine forests. E-publication »»
  • Lu, Jinrong. The effects of abiotic and biotic factors on somatic embryogenesis and seedlings of Pinus sylvestris (L.). E-publication »»
  • Rytkönen, Anna. Phytophthora in Finnish nurseries. E-publication »»
  • Räty, Minna. Methods in general model localization. E-publication »»
  • Sun, Hui. Efficacy of the biocontrol agent Phlebiopsis gigantea against Heterobasidion root rot and impacts on the stump bacterial biota and host defences. E-publication »»
  • Siipilehto, Jouni. Methods and applications for improving parameter prediction models for stand structures in Finland. E-publication »»
  • Toivonen, Ritva. Dimensionality of quality from a customer perspective inthe wood industry. E-publication »»
  • Walter, Kurt. Prosopis, an Alien among the Sacred Trees of South India. E-publication »»
  • Wang, Lei. Factors affecting perceptions of corporate social responsibility implementation: an emphasis on values. E-publication »»

Doctoral dissertations, year 2010

  • Aakala, Tuomas. Tree mortality and deadwood dynamics in late-successional boreal forests. E-publication »»
  • Cao, Tianjian. Silvicultural decisions based on simulation-optimization systems. E-publication »»
  • Karhu, Kristiina. Temperature sensitivity of soil organic matter decomposition in boreal soils. E-publication »»
  • Havimo, Mikko. Variation in tracheid cross-sectional dimensions and wood viscoelasticity – extent and control methods. E-publication »»
  • Mäkinen, Antti. Uncertainty in forest simulators and forest planning systems.
    E-publication »»
  • Primmer, Eeva. Integrating biodiversity conservation into forestry: an empirical analysis of institutional adaptation. E-publication »»
  • Strakova, Petra. Carbon dynamics in peatlands under changing hydrology - Effects of water level drawdown on litter quality, microbial enzyme activities and litter decomposition rates. E-publication »»
  • Varis, Saila. The role of pollen in the changing environmental conditions of Scots pine. E-publication »»
  • Wermundsen, Terhi. Bat habitat requirements – implications for land use planning. E-publication »»