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European Mixed Forests meeting 23.6.2015


The Working Group 3 Fifth Progress Meeting
Helsinki, June, 23rd, 2015
COST Action FP1206:
European mixed forests: Integrating Scientific Knowledge
in Sustainable Forest Management (EuMIXFOR)

European Mixed Forests meeting 23.6.2015, time 9:00 – 17:30
Venue: University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences, Latokartanonkaari 7, Viikki, room 332

Cost action FP1206 ( will organize the meeting of the Working Group 3 Policy and Social Impact of Mixed Forests. The program contains 13 presentations covering several questions concerning mixed forests management, ecosystem services, climate change and social impacts.

Researchers and students from universities, other FP1206 participants present at this time in Helsinki as well as representatives of interested official bodies, NGOs etc. are welcomed to attend the Meeting. Register by June 20th by sending email to

List of presentations includes:

  • Is the adoption of the ecosystem services approach necessary to adapt the commercial forests management to contemporary challenges? (Jerzy Lesinski)
  • Contemporary trends in the timber trade: is the timber of admixture tree species attractive? (Marcin Piszczek)
  • A variety of timber assortment provided by mixed forests as stimulus to development of and/or innovation in the European forest industry (Bogomil Breznik)
  • Species diversity of urban forests across Europe versus their efficiency in providing the expected ecosystem services (Mina Skouteri & Anže Japelj)
  • Who benefits/loses from conversion of even-aged spruce monoculture to uneven-aged mixed forest: case study from the Ukrainian Carpathians (Lyudmyla Zahvoyska & Oksana Pelyukh)
  • Investigating stakeholder perceptions about mixed forests: evidences from the Polish Carpathians (Gianluca Grilli)
  • Title to be announced (Palle Madsen)

Lunch break

  • The current knowledge vs. trends in international and European policies with regard to mixed forests and climate changes (Peri Kourakli)
  • Mixed forest ecosystem services in light of climate change (Lauri Valsta & Brent Matthies)
  • Adaptation capacity to the changing climate when comparing monocultures with mixed forests (Arnaud Dragicevic)
  • Silvicultural decisions as applicable under climate change related uncertainties and risks (Jette Bredahl Jacobsen)
  • How would economic attractiveness of mixed forests change under adverse climatic change (Thomas Knoke)
  • Strengthening liaisons between science, forest managers and policy-makers to meet the challenges involved with implementation of the ecosystem services concept in forestry (Johnny Sved)


Photo by J. Bodziarczyk