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New book on peatland ecology and forestry

The Peatland Ecology and Forestry - a Sound Approach book was released in connection with the International Peat Congress in Stockholm.

This comprehensive presentation discusses peat and mire properties relative to forestry practiced both on pristine mires and drained peatlands. The emphasis is on Nordic conditions. Where relevant, the approaches applied in other parts of the boreal and temperate zones are also discussed. The book is plentifully illustrated. Subject index and almost one thousand references enable its use both as educational text book and reference work.

The book is a common effort of the Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki and the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish Agricultural University (SLU).

You may buy the book from our office (Varpu Heliara, or Price for students and staff 20 €, others 40 €.

Päivänen, J. & Hånell, B. 2012. Peatland Ecology and Forestry – a Sound Approach. University of Helsinki Department of Forest Sciences Publications 3: 1–267. ISBN 978-952-10-4531-8.