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The beginnings of forestry education

Forestry education began in Finland in 1858 when Evo College was established. In 1907, the programme was transferred to the University of Helsinki. At the time, the subjects taught included forest science, forest mensuration and management planning, forest policy and forest technology.

Over the years, the number of professorships has increased and the accumulation of research areas has been evident in the teaching as well. In recent years, teaching has focused on being multidisciplinary and the establishment of a master’s degree programme in English has contributed to its international scope.  In addition to multidisciplinary teaching, the students and the staff are becoming increasingly multicultural, and instruction is available in English as well as Swedish and Finnish.

Towards larger departments

Originally, the university was arranged around chairs in accordance with various professorships and consequently our faculty had several separate institutes in the field of forest sciences. The administrative reform of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in 1993 led to mergers of departments which resulted in the creation of three departments engaged in forest sciences. The departments formed –Forest Economics, Forest Ecology and Forest Resource Management – operated as independent units until the end of 2009.  As a result of the university and department structure reform, the operational units of forest sciences at the University of Helsinki, including the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station and Värriö Subarctic Research Station, were merged as the Department of Forest Sciences at the beginning of 2010.

Since 2001, teaching of forest sciences has taken place in the Forest Sciences Building on the Viikki Campus.