Dpt of Forest Sciences
P.O. Box 27
(Latokartanonkaari 7)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Head of the Department of Forest Sciences 2014-2017

Pasi Puttonen
Professor in Silviculture
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Deputy Heads of the Department of Forest Sciences 2014-2017

Markus Holopainen
Professor in Geoinformatics
Responsibilities: Education
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Petri Parvinen
Professor in Strategic Marketing and Management
Responsibilities: Societal impact.
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Annikki Mäkelä
Professor in Silviculture
Responsibilities: Research -doctoral education.
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Jaana Bäck
Professor in Forest-Atmosphere Interactions
Responsibilities: Research -research infrastructures.
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Persons in charge of major disciplines

Forest Ecology and Management: Kari Minkkinen, University Lecturer in Peatland Forestry
Forest Economics and Marketing: Lauri Valsta, Professor in Business Economics of Forestry



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