Internationality in forestry studies


At the department, there are three international Master’s Degree Programmes in which students can study:

In addition to the International Master’s Degree Programmes, students on the department of Forest Sciences have good possibilities for international exchange. Annually, many forestry students choose to study one semester or two in a foreign university. Furthermore, there are many foreign students conducting either their non-graduate degree or graduate studies on the department. More information about exchange programmes.

Partly due to international students our department can offer international learning environment, and students have possibility to make contacts with their international colleagues already while studying.


Master’s Degree Programme in Forest Sciences and Business (MScFB)

Aims to promote the sustainable use of forest resources and human well-being through education based on scientific research. The programme is designed for qualified students who want to gain the expertise of a sustainable forestry cluster and work in an innovative, cross-cultural environment.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Forest Sciences and Business will equip you with the professional skills necessary when working in the ever more challenging, ever more global forestry field at both national and international scales. In the wake of climate change and increased pressures to exploit forests, professionals who can guide the use of forest resources sustainably are of great value worldwide.

Major subjects are Forest Ecology and Management and Forest Economics and Marketing.

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Student interviews Video interview - Yijing Zhang

Making international contacts – Jakob Mainusch in English
Internationale Kontakte knüpfen – Interview von Jakob Mainusch auf Deutsch

Master's Degree Programme in Biotechnology (MBIOT)

Master’s Degree Programme in Biotechnology will admit a maximum of ten students who satisfy the admission criteria. The MBIOT programme offers one major subject, Biotechnology, with four specialist options: 1) Animal Biotechnology; 2) Food Biotechnology; 3) Microbial and Environmental Biotechnology; and 4) Plant and Forest Biotechnology. Students need not choose their specialist option at the application stage, but at the beginning of their studies.

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