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Global Dryas Project

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Spatial Foodweb Ecology Group
Departmentof Agricultural Sciences
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Dryas pollinator communities across the Arctic

The Global Dryas Project is closed to new sign-ups for the time being. Our thanks to everyone who participated!

With the climate shifting, the Arctic is likely to change faster than any other region of the world. To understand the coming changes in Arctic ecosystem functioning, we need first to understand the way species interactions and ecosystem function connect together.

A major ecosystem function across the Arctic is the pollination of Avens (Dryas octopetala), a dominant dwarf shrub that is both an important food resource as well as dependant on insect pollination for its seed production.

As a widely distributed arctic plant, Avens also provides an opportunity to study the connection between pollinator communities and seed production across the entire Arctic... with a little help from our friends.

We have designed a simple experiment that can be repeated by volunteers around the Arctic. Doing the experiment will involve no cost beyond the investment of 2-3 person work days. All materials and instructions will come from us.

Fly pollinating Avens.