Microbes resources and their utilization

Use of microbial resources and genome and metabolic information for new biotechnological applications. Focus areas including the use of enzymes and bioactive compounds, diagnostics of pathogenic microbes and prevention of microbial damage, biorefining, food processing, and purification of water and soil.

  • Systems biology of microbes
  • Bioactive compounds and nanoparticles, enzymes and probiotics  
  • Microbial damages and their prevention in the environment and in industrial processes
  • Microbiology and purifications of soil and water
  • Plant-microbe –interaction and biological nitrogen fixation
  • Future modifications and processing of of biomass
  • Unique microbial collection: maintenance,  expanding, and characterisation of microbes
  • Centre of excellence in Integrative photosynthesis and bioactive compound research at systems biology level

Research groups