GloCalGlobal issues in loCal context
– the Finnish Maternal and Child Health Advisory System in a Mobile Application


GloCal is a nutrition and health education program that is designed to give accurate information on maternal and young child nutrition and health to mothers and other caregivers.

The GloCal concept includes a set of educational videos as well as a mobile application. The GloCal application allows healthcare workers to quickly determine what issues a specific mother needs more information on, and automatically finds the videos addressing these issues for viewing.

The video set consists of about 40 videos that explain different aspects of maternal health and diet, breastfeeding, complementary feeding and child health.
About 20 of these videos are animations that explain why certain practices are harmful for the infants and why other practices promote the child’s growth and development. Another 20 videos are local and have been produced together with the local population and use local foods. All GloCal videos can be recorded in any local languages and dialects.

In Kenya we are testing the effectiveness of the videos on improving the knowledge, attitudes and practices of mothers on their child feeding through an intervention in Nairobi slums and rural villages.

In the urban intervention areas, the set of GloCal videos will be displayed in the waiting rooms of health centers. In the rural intervention villages, healthcare workers will visit the mothers once a month. They will show the videos from a tablet computer. At the beginning and at the end of the intervention mothers will be interviewed on their attitudes and knowledge on young child feeding practices. The study population will constitute of mothers who have children in the age range of 0-24 months.

Principal investigator: Marja Mutanen
Principal researcher: Lauriina Schneider
Collaborators: Kenyatta University, Ministry of Health Kenya, Unicef Kenya

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