Anna-Leena Siikala
Academician of Science, The Academy of Finland

Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies/ Folklore Research
University of Helsinki 

Anna-Leena Siikala is a folklorist and an anthropologist of religion. Her studies have been concerned with religious practices of North Eurasian indigenous cultures, methods of the study of oral narration, Finno-Ugrian mythologies, mythic images and metaphors of the Kalevala poetry, and globalization and renewal of tradition in the margins of the global order. She has conducted field work in Finland, in the Cook Islands in Polynesia and among the Finno-Ugrian peoples of Russia, especially the Udmurts, Komi and Siberian Khanty.

Her major works include The Rite Technique of the Siberian Shaman (FF Communications 220, 1978 and 1989), Interpreting Oral Narrative (FF Communications 245, 1990), with Mihály Hoppál Studies in Shamanism (Ethnologica Uralica 1992 and 1998, Budapest), Mythic Images and Shamanism. A Perspective on Kalevala Poetry (FF Communications 280, 2002) and with Jukka Siikala Return to Culture. Oral Tradition and Society in the Southern Cook Islands (FF Communications 287, 2005).

Siikala is the Chair Person of Folklore Fellows’ Network and the connected international research course Folklore Fellows’ Summer School.
She is the Editor-in-Chief of Folklore Fellows' Communications, published by the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and Studia Fennica Folkloristica published by the Finnish Literature Society. With Prof. Vlaldimir Napolskikh and Dr Mihály Hoppál she edits the book series Encyclopaedia of Uralic Mythologies on aboriginal Finno-Ugrian and Uralic religions (Budapest, Akademémiai Kiadó and Finnish Literature Society).

Contact information:
Anna-Leena Siikala
Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies/ Folklore Research
00014 Helsinki University
P.O. Box 4, (Vuorikatu 3)
Tel. 358-9-19122631 (office), 358-9-4122402 (home)
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