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Finnish and Nordic History is part of Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies.

Unioninkatu 38 A
P.O. Box 59
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
phone: +358-(0)294 1911 (exchange)




The oldest chairs of the historical subjects in the faculty of arts trace their origins to the Academy of Turku, founded in 1640 and transferred to Helsinki in 1828. Today the subjects taught at the department are Finnish and Nordic history and General history. In addition, history is taught in Swedish language. The Department also provides courses in English.

The office is situated in the neoclassical town centre of Helsinki, close to the National Library, the National Archives and the Lutheran Cathedral. The main building was originally a military school for young orphans and was planned by the German architect C. L. Engel. In the middle of the nineteenth century, it was transformed into a hospital and remained as such until it was renovated and handed over to the Department of History in 1998.

See historian kandiohjelma and historian maisteriohjelma.