The conferment ceremony is a three-day celebration that formally marks the end of one’s academic studies, and where Masters and Doctors celebrate the degrees they have achieved.

The conferment ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy is organised usually every three or four years. The next conferment ceremony, which will be the 96th such occasion, will be held from the 22nd to the 24th of May. By taking part in the conferment ceremony, and only by taking part in it, the Masters of Arts and Sciences and Doctors of Philosophy receive from the Faculty the right to bear the symbols of their academic status: the Master’s wreath and ring or the Doctoral hat and sword.

The Faculty of Philosophy is composed of the Faculties of Arts, Science, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, and Pharmacy. The conferment ceremony of the Faculty of Philosophy is the oldest and greatest of all academic festivities and ceremonies in Finland. It originates from the 17th century, but each conferment ceremony is also influenced by its own time. Finland is the only country in the world where not only Doctors but also Masters can take part in this multi-day celebration.

The conferment ceremony is held during years where 50 or 100 years have passed from a prior conferment ceremony of the same Faculty. Those who took part in the 1964 conferment ceremony may participate in the coming promotion, where they are awarded the status of a jubliee Master or Doctor. In addition, 13 honorary doctorates will be awarded to representatives of various disciplines in Arts and Sciences.

The conferment ceremony combines dignity and exuberance, tradition and youthfulness. The conferment ceremony is a celebration for the entire university community, as its nearly one thousand participants bring together the leadership of the University, representatives of the state and other public figures, the new Masters and Doctors, the Jubilee Masters and Doctors, and the young students acting as heralds.

The conferment ceremony is a unique experience. It is a wonderful ending to one’s student years and a fantastic start for a new phase in life. The conferment ceremony offers one last, well-earned possibility to celebrate with one’s fellow graduands.

The Programme page has more information on the schedule of the conferment ceremony, which will be updated as venues, times etc. are confirmed during the coming months. Information on who can participate in the conferment ceremony as well as the costs are found in the section Taking part.

The University of Helsinki Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry also will also hold their conferment ceremony during the spring of 2014. Their website is here.