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    P.O. Box 56 (Viikinkaari 5D)
    00014 University of Helsinki
    Phone +358-(0)9-191 59105
    Fax +358-(0)9-191 59079
    Karen Sims-Huopaniemi




SPP1530 2nd International Symposium
Genetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes and Applications for Crop Improvement
24-26 March, Bielefeld, Germany

Genome Assisted Biology of Crops and Model Plant Systems
21-25 April, Suzhou, China

2nd Plant Genomics Congress (European Next Generation Sequencing Series)
12-13 May, London, UK

8th SPPS PhD Students Conference
16-19 June, Uppsala, Sweden
Early registration deadline 31 March
Registration deadline 5 May

Plant Biology Europe – FESPB/EPSO Conference
22-26 June, Dublin, Ireland

Auxins and Cytokinins in Plant Development - International Symposium 2014
29 June-4 July, Prague, Czech Republic

Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology
1-4 July, Manchester, UK
Abstract submission deadline 25 April

6th European Plant Science Retreat for PhD Students
1-4 July, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Registration deadline 31st March

XVI International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
6-10 July, Rhodes, Greece
Abstract submission deadline extended to 31 March
Early registration deadline 31 March

Plant Biology 2014
12-16 July, Oregon, USA
Abstract submission deadline 30 May
Early registration deadline 11 May

Plant Molecular Biology 2014 (Gordon Research Conference)
20-25 July, New Hampshire, USA
Application deadline 22 June

5th International Conference: Plant Cell Wall Biology
27-31 July, Queensland, Australia

25th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR)
28 July-1 August, Vancouver, Canada
Abstract submission deadline for oral presentations 30 April
Abstract submission deadline for poster presentations 31 May
Early registration deadline 30 April
Online registration deadline 13 July

Lignin 2014
24-28 August, Umeå, Sweden
Registration deadline 12 June
Abstract submission deadline 12 June

1st World Congress International Plant Proteomics Organisation Conference (INPPO)
Plant Proteomics: Methodology to Biology
31 August- 4 September, Hamburg, Germany

Plant Biology 2015
26-30 July, Minnesota, USA

Plant Biology 2016
7-13 July, Texas, USA

Plant Biology 2017
20-24 July, Hawaii, USA