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Etappi for students who received study right before 1.8.2005

The system consists of checkpoints. At each checkpoint, those students who have not succeeded in accumulating the recommended number of credits or who have not been able to complete their degree within the recommended time will be contacted.


Checkpoints at the Faculty of Science

Bachelor's Degree (3 years)

Lower degree checkpoint: 4th year, after period 3
Study progress objective: Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree (2 years)

Higher degree checkpoint: 3rd year, after period 3
Study progress objective: Master's Degree

At checkpoints, those students who have not achieved the objectives set by their faculties will receive a letter informing them of their delayed study progress.

If you receive a letter at a checkpoint

If you need more time to complete your degree, you must devise a plan for graduation.

If you complete your Bachelor's degree by 31.7.2015, you can register as attending.

The plan for graduation must aim for the completion of the degree. The plan must include an estimate for the duration of studies and the intended structure of the degree: degree programme/major subject, specialisation option, minor subjects and other studies and the scope of these studies per subject. The plan must also include a term-specific timetable for the completion of studies. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student for completion.

The form for the Etappi study plan is available below. Return the form to the supervisor in charge of personal study plans at your department, or to your teacher tutor, as soon as possible, well before the closing of the registration period at the University, by 29 May 2015 at the latest.

The study plan supervisor will go through your plan for graduation and provide you with advice if necessary. If your plan is approved, the removal of your registration block will be marked down on your form. The supervisor will make his/her decision about the approval of your plan during your personal visit. Return a photocopy of the form to the Faculty Office (address: P.O. Box 44), which will remove your registration block in the Oodi system. Then you may register as an attending student.

Form for study plan (PDF)