Faculty of Science

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Both undergraduate and postgraduate students must register as attending or non-attending students each academic year.

The deadline for registration is 31 August. If this date falls on a weekend, the last date of registration will be the first weekday following the 31st.

See the instructions for registration

If the postgraduate student does not wish to join the Student Union, he or she may also enrol by telephone or email to the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Science or the campus service units of Student Information and Counselling. The latter units also disseminate course catalogues, Student Union calendars and student card stickers that indicate the academic year for which the student has registered.

Loss of the right to study and application for its reinstatement

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are removed from the University’s student register if they do not register as attending or non-attending within the regsitration period. If the student, after missing the registration, wishes to register as an attending or non-attending during the same academic year, he or she has to pay the re-enrolment fee and show the receipt of the payment at one of the Student Affairs offices.

The re-enrolment fee is 35 euro.
The fee has to be paid into the following University of Helsinki account: NORDEA FI23 1660 3000 0777 20 and the reference number is 0253 62312.

If the student wishes to continue the studies at a later date, he or she has to apply for readmission by submitting an application (PDF) to the Faculty and paying the re-enrolment fee.