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Markku Kulmala Doctor et professor honoris causa from the Tver State University

Doctor et professor honoris causa from the Tver State University has been awarded to Professor Markku Kulmala, Department of Physics, for his work in atmospheric sciences, meteorology and climatology, and particularly his activities related to Pan Eurasian Experiment (PEEX).

The award was personally presented to Professor Markku Kulmala by Andrey V. Belotserkovsky, rector of Tver State University, in Tver, Russia in February, 2016.

The Tver State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in Central Russia. During the last five years, TSU has been one of the leading traditional universities in the country.

Professor Kulmala is an expert in the climatic questions of the Artic and the Boreal. His work is fundamental research connected to advanced in situ observation techniques and observation networks. He is aimed for studying atmospheric interactions globally and to find practical solutions on global challenges like climate change and air pollution.

At the moment his research unit is planning to expand its networks of measuring stations as part of the international PEEX (Pan Eurasian Experiment) program. For continuous measurements he has built four measuring SMEAR (Stations Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Interactions) typed stations in Finland, one in Estonia and one in Nanjing, China.

Kulmala is now expanding and promoting SMEAR station activities in a frame of PEEX observation program in Russia.

Text: Minna Merilšinen-Tenhu