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Kari Astala

Professor Kari Astala’s field of research is Mathematics, specifically mathematical analysis. One of his research topics is quasiconformal mapping, which has been one of the strongest research areas in Mathematics in Finland for a long time.

In 1994, Astala solved the Gehring and Reich Conjecture, which, according to many, is the most significant open problem in the field. The solution was based on a surprising manner of applying dynamical systems theory to quasiconformal mappings.

A similar breakthrough occurred in 2003, when Astala participated in solving A.P. Calderón’s problem. The problem is related to tomography and the mathematical issues of medical imaging. Kari Astala’s five-year Academy Professorship lasts from the beginning of August 2006 until the end of July 2011. Astala works at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and functions in the national Centre of Excellence for Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics.

Contact information :
Kari Astala
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Exactum, room D327
Tel. +358 (0)9 191 51453
E-mail: kari.astala(at)helsinki.fi