The official language of the workshop is English.


Instructions for speakers

A laptop PC (no Macintosh) and data projector will be made available for presentations. Please use Windows 7 + MS Office 2010 while preparing your Power Point presentation. It is also possible to show the presentation as a PDF (Adobe Reader 8). You may use a USB-memory  stick or a copy on CD-Rom (do not use a re-writeable CD or DVD). We cannot allow the use of personal laptops for the talks. There are 20 minutes booked for each presentation plus 5 minutes for the discussion. Please prepare your presentation accordingly. In order to keep the timetable, we hope that everyone respects the schedule. We ask all the speakers to load their presentations well in advance, latest during the previous break.



Instructions for posters
There will be three separate poster sessions, one in each day with about 40 posters. The posters for each day should be mounted in the morning and removed after the last session. The presenters are asked to be available by the poster during the one hour long poster session. The posters will be arranged in the alphabetic order based on the presenting author. The poster numbers will be given in the conference. The size of the poster can be in maximum 144 cm high and 97 cm wide.