Special MOL/ESSLLI Workshop:

Mathematics of Language

Larry Moss and Dick Oehrle


This workshop is being held in conjunction with the conference on Formal Grammars / Mathematics of Language that will be held just before ESSLLI. This workshop consists of five talks on different areas of current research which bring together mathematical and linguistic ideas.  The talks are primarily intended for mathematically literate people who might be unfamiliar with the particular application area; they all will have tutorial aspects as well.  The talks are for the most part independent, except that Christian Wartena's talk on Monday will include tutorial material that may be used in some of the other talks. In addition, Yiannis Moschovakis' talk on Wednesday will be related to his broader lecture given Tuesday evening at ESSLLI.

Workshop program:

  1. PDFChristian Wartena, Linguatec Entwicklung & Services: "Linear Indexed Grammars: formal descriptions of non-local dependencies"
  2. Aravind Joshi, University of Pennsylvania: "Some selected topics on TAGS and related systems"
  3. Yiannis Moschovakis, UCLA: "On the mathematics and logic of synonymy"
  4. Dick Oehrle and Michael Moortgat: "Multi-modal categorial grammar"
  5. Ed Keenan, UCLA: "Bare grammar"


Larry Moss

Dick Oehrle