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Courses and Workshops

All available material for the courses and workshops can be found on the respective pages, with the exception of courses with external pages (i.e. those maintained by the lecturer(s)); for such courses/workshops, the material is available from this page.




Language and Logic

Logic and Computation

Language and Computation


Special Events


Satellite Event

The joint meeting of the sixth conference on Formal Grammar and the seventh conference on the Mathematics of Language was held just prior to ESSLLI 2001.


Evening Lectures


Student Session

The aim of the ESSLLI Student Session is to provide students (Master's students as well as DPhil's) with an opportunity to present their own work for a professional audience, thereby getting informed feedback on their own results. In contrast to the workshops, the Student Session is not tied to any specific theme. The ESSLLI 2001 Student Session was chaired by Kristina Striegnitz.

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Course Levels

Introductory courses aim to give students, researchers and other participants the chance to familiarise themselves with subjects and problem areas which did not fall within the field of expertise of staff at their home institutions.

Advanced courses are intended to enable participants to acquire more specialised knowledge about topics they are already familiar with. They also provide the opportunity (which may not otherwise exist) for researchers themselves to give an intensive course at high level.

Foundational courses have been introduced with the aim to provide truly introductory courses into a field. The courses presuppose absolutely no background knowledge,and should especially  be accessible to people from other disciplines.The Foundational courses have been introduced next to a substantial strengthening of the Introductory courses.

Workshops and special events are intended to encourage collaboration and the cross-fertilization of ideas by stimulating in-depth discussion of issues which are at the forefront of current research in the field. Postgraduate students and researchers can give presentations of their research in the workshops.