Introduction to type-logical syntax and semantics

Philippe de Groote and Glyn Morrill
Section: Language and Logic
Level: Foundational


The goal of this course is to introduce the basic concepts and methods that underly contemporary categorial grammars, as exemplified by (Carpenter 1997), (Moortgat 1996), and (Morrill 1994). No specific knowledge is assumed of the students except familiarity with elementary formal logic. The content of the course is the following.



(Carpenter 1997) CARPENTER, B.
   "Type-Logical Semantics".
    MIT press, 1997.

(Moortgat 1996) MOORTGAT, M.
    "Categorial type logics" in
    J. van Benthem and A. ter Meulen (Eds.)
    Handbook of Logic and Language.
    North-Holland, 1996.

(Morrill 1994) MORRILL, G.V.
    "Type Logical Grammar: categorial logic of signs".
    Kluwer, 1994.


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