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The Research Forum will include panel discussions on the following topics:

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Panel 1: Hermeneutics and Interpretation

Panel 2: Intellectual Property Rights

Panel 3: The Science of International Law / International Law as Science
Panel 4: Food Safety and the Protection of Animals, Plants and Humans
Panel 5: Global Health Issues
Panel 6: Scientific Evidence in International Adjudication
Panel 7: Data Protection and International Law
Panel 8: The Metaphysics of Economics in International Law and Global Governance
Panel 9: Climate Change and Global Environmental Protection
Panel 10: Genetically Modified Organisms and the Law of World Trade
Panel 11: Developments in the Law of the Sea, including Maritime Delimitation
Panel 12: Arms Control and Disarmament

Panel 1
Friday, October 2nd, 13.30-15.30, Room 5

Hermeneutics and Interpretation

chaired by Duncan Hollis, Temple University


Basak Cali (University College London): Political Science of International Law beyond Rational Choice: An Interpretive Approach to International Law Compliance

Dirk Pulkowski (Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague): International Law as an Operating System for Scientific Disputes

Sungjoon Cho (Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology): Science, Hermeneutics and International Law: Rethinking the Hormones Dispute

Panel 2
Friday, October 2nd, 13.30-15.30, Room 10

Intellectual Property Rights

chaired by Laurence Helfer, Duke University School of Law


François Dubuisson (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Le droit international et européen du droit d’auteur: un frein à la transmission du savoir?

Sabrina Safrin
(Rutgers University Law School, Newark, New Jersey): Propertization Cascades

Lars Thomann
(University of Mannheim): Agenda Setting and Forum Shopping in the Global Intellectual Property Rights Regime

Tomi S. Utomo
(University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta): Pharmaceutical Patent Protection and its Impact on the Price of Drugs in Indonesia


Panel 3
Friday, October 2nd, 13.30-15.30, Room 13
The Science of International Law/International Law as Science

    chaired by Anja Lindroos, University of Helsinki


    Anne Lagerwall (Université Libre de Bruxelles): De l’ambition d’étudier le droit international scientifiquement: des bonnes intentions kelséniennes et de leurs limites

    Gleider I. Hernandez
    (International Court of Justice): The 'Science' of Adjudication

    Ana Rosa Tenório de Amorim
    (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil): Neuroscience and International Human Rights Law: Toward a Universal Juridical Grammar

    Ottavio Quirico
    (European University Institute, Florence): International Law as a Deontic Network

Panel 4
Friday, October 2nd, 13.30-15.30, Konsistori Room

Food Safety and the Protection of Animals, Plants and Humans

    chaired by Gregory Shaffer, University of Minnesota


    Adam Muchmore (University of Chicago Law School): FDA’s Empire: Enforcing U.S. Regulatory Law Abroad

    Maria Weimer de Matta (European University Institute, Florence): Changing Futures of Food Consumption: Policy Choice versus Science in Regulating Animal Cloning under the WTO Law

    Errol Meidinger (State University of New York at Buffalo Law School): Private Import Safety Regulation and Transnational New Governance

    Liz Fisher
    (Corpus Christi College & Faculty of Law, University of Oxford): Expertise and the WTO SPS Agreement

Panel 5
Friday, October 2nd, 16.15-18.15, Room 5

Global Health Issues

    chaired by David Fidler, University of Indiana


    Lisa Clarke, (University of Amsterdam): Scientific Contributions to Global Health Law through Public-Private Partnerships

    Riikka Koskenmäki
    (ILO): "For a Safer Future" - The International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR)

    Brian Ray
    (Cleveland-Marshall College of Law): Accommodating Science Through Weak-Form Review: Lessons from the Treatment Action Campaign Case

    Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya
    (Southern Illinois University): Reconstructing Normative Frameworks for Global Health Governance: How Technology is Reshaping Reproductive Health and Human Rights

Panel 6
Friday, October 2nd, 16.15-18.15, Room 10

Scientific Evidence in International Adjudication

    chaired by James Crawford, University of Cambridge


    Caroline E. Foster (University of Auckland): Scientific Evidence in International Adjudication: The Consultation of Independent Experts by International Courts and Tribunals

    Anna Riddell
    (British Institute of International and Comparative Law): Scientific Evidence in the International Court of Justice – Problems and Possibilities

    Céline Lévesque
    (University of Ottawa): Science in the Hands of International Investment Tribunals

    Alberto Alemanno
    (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Paris): Risk Assessment under WTO Law: Workable Requirement or Probatio Diabolica?

Panel 7
Friday, October 2nd, 16.15-18.15, Room 13

Data Protection and International Law

    chaired by Petri Kuoppamäki, University of Helsinki, Nokia


    Shin-Yi Peng (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan):  The Tension between Privacy and International Trade in the Digital Era: Data Protection under the GATS

    Herwig Hoffman
    (University of Luxembourg): Data Protection in International Agreements by European Agencies – Vertical and Horizontal Delegation to a legal Black Hole?

    Lokke Moerel
    and Yakaré-Oulé (Nani) Jansen (De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Amsterdam): The long arm reach: does the Privacy Directive apply to processing of personal data of EU citizens by websites worldwide?

    Tobias Bräutigam
    (Nokia, Finland): Three Capital vices of the European Data Protection Regime: Exclusion, Omnicompetence and Lack of Cooperation

Panel 8
Friday, October 2nd, 16.15-18.15, Konsistori Room

The Metaphysics of Economics in International Law and Global Governance

    chaired by Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki


    René Urueña (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá - University of Helsinki): In the search of  international homo economicus: Individual agency and rationality in global governance

    Martin Björklund
    (University of Helsinki): Is Law but a Dismal Constitution?

    Tomer Broude
    (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics and International Law

Panel 9
Saturday, October 3rd, 10.00-12.00, Aud XIII

Climate Change and Global Environmental Protection

    chaired by Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown University


    Nicole Ahner (European University Institute, Florence): Final Instance: World Trade Organization -
    Unilateral Trade Measures in EU Climate Change Legislation

    Jorge E. Viñuales (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva): Legal Techniques for Dealing with Scientific Uncertainty: The Contribution of International Environmental Law

    Carla Peng (Académie de Sciences Sociales de Shanghai): Le mécanisme pour un développement propre du Protocole de Kyoto : Analyse comparative de sa mise en oeuvre nationale dans un
    échantillon de pays en développement

    Hari M. Osofsky (Washington & Lee University): The Future of Climate Change Litigation -
    Complexities of Science, Scale, and International Lawmaking

Panel 10
Saturday, October 3rd, 10.00-12.00, Aud XV

Genetically Modified Organisms and the Law of World Trade

    chaired by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, University of Geneva


    Sara Poli (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”): The ‘Biotech Dispute’: The EC’s Persistent Difficulties of Implementation

    Justo Corti Varela
    (CNRS external researcher in COEXTRA framework): The EU “Coexistence” Policy under WTO Law: Problems and Solutions

    Klaus Günter Blank
    (European Commission): Genetically Modified Organisms and the Law of World Trade: Some Reflections on the Proper Place of Science

    Elisa Vecchione
    (Chaire de Développement durable, Sciences Po, Paris): Locked-in scientific evidence: the WTO EC- Biotech dispute

Panel 11
Saturday, October 3rd, 10.00-12.00, Room 6

Developments in the Law of the Sea, including Maritime Delimitation

    chaired by Bernard Oxman, University of Miami


    Sophie Gambardella (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires, Aix-en-Provence): Le rôle des comités scientifiques au sein des Commissions régionales de pêche

    Patricia Jimenez Kwast
    (University of Oxford): Cooperating on the Law of UNCLOS Article 76 and the Science of the Outer Limits: The Normativity of the Institutional Dimension

    Irini Papanicolopulu
    (University of Milano-Bicocca): Underwater Acoustic Pollution: Science and Law Working Together?

Panel 12
Saturday, October 3rd, 10.00-12.00, Konsistori Room

Arms Control and Disarmament

    chaired by Johan Rautenbach, Legal Advisor IAEA


    Milagros Alvarez-Verdugo (University of Barcelona): Will the Climate Change Spur the Military Uses of Nuclear Energy? New Challenges for the Non-proliferation Regime

    P.J. Blount (University of Mississippi School of Law): Emerging Space Security Law and its Implications

    Mirko Sossai
    (University of Roma TRE): Drugs as Weapons: Disarmament Treaties Facing the Advances in Bio-chemistry and Non-Lethal Weapons Technology

Information on the papers will be found here as soon as possible [20.7.2009].