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Call for papers

Announcement and call for papers Conference on agricultural cooperatives:
Cooperative values in internationalized operations Helsinki, Finland, June 14-16, 2012

Call for papers printable document (pdf)

The second eRNAC conference will be organized in Helsinki, Finland, on June 14-16, 2012. The acronym eRNAC stands for Electronic Research Network for Agricultural Cooperatives See: http://www.ernac.life.ku.dk/. This virtual organization consists of researchers interested in agricultural producer cooperatives. Most researchers base their studies on economic theories. Please note that the year 2012 has been appointed to be the International Year of Cooperatives.

The conference will be a three-day event with a one-day field trip in the middle of the program. A preliminary schedule.

The organizers are Petri Ollila, University of Helsinki (petri.ollila@helsinki.fi) and Jerker Nilsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Jerker.Nilsson@ekon.slu.se).

The organizers solicit all papers about agricultural cooperatives, for example Untraditional organizational models, Internationally operating cooperatives, Transnational cooperatives, Members' relations to their cooperatives, Cooperative performance, and Cooperative responses to market changes. In addition to researchers, also representatives (board members, executives) of cooperative enterprises in Finland and elsewhere are invited.

Selected papers from the conference will be included in a special issue of the Journal of Rural Cooperation.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available at the conference's website is http://www.helsinki.fi/ernac2012/. More information about the conference can be obtained from the organizers.

Financial support from the following institutions is gratefully acknowledged:

An advisory board has been set up for the conference, consisting of the following (all the persons are not yet confirmed):

  • Claude Ménard
  • Constantine Iliopoulos
  • Decio Zylbersztajn
  • George Hendrikse
  • Huang Zu-Hui
  • Kostas Karantininis
  • Michael Cook
  • Murray Fulton
  • Rainer Kühl



Important dates

  • September, 30, 2011: Submission of abstract (one or two pages) to Petri Ollila or Jerker Nilsson
  • October, 31, 2011 Message whether the abstract is accepted
  • May, 15, 2012 Electronic submission of full paper (preferably between 12 and 25 pages) to Petri Ollila or Jerker Nilsson