The Master's Degree Programme in Ethnic Relations,

Cultural Diversity and Integration

Key Research Areas

CEREN (Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism) at the Swedish School of Social Science is the only unit at the University of Helsinki with its work devoted solely to issues concerning migration and ethnic relations. The research at CEREN covers a broad range of issues related to the fields of migration and ethnic relations, including nation building, nationalism and identity, power and participation, media and the public sphere, welfare state issues and the globalization of work, occupations and the labour market. New immigrant groups as well as national minorities have been the target of research at CEREN. A strong focus has also been on comparative Nordic and European research.

Intergroup relations are a central topic of research within Social Psychology. Research on ethnic relations within Social Psychology at Helsinki University is both basic and applied. The research focuses on minority groups (immigrants, language and cultural groups) as well as on the dominant population and the cultural diversity of society.

The research includes studies on, for example, ethnic identity, the integration and well-being of immigrants and the prejudice and stereotypes of the dominant population.

The Department also hosts Graduate Fellowships for students at the University of Helsinki in the area of Ethnic Relations and Cultural Diversity.















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