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Teleology and History: A Critical Assessment of an Enlightenment Thought: Schedule

The following meetings have been held:

1. Intellectual histories of teleology I:
Late enlightenment and its aftermath
Finnish Institute, Berlin 11-12 June 2010
Outline (pdf) Programme (pdf) Report (pdf)

2. Intellectual histories of teleology II:
19th century perspectives
Rome 4-5 October 2010
Outline (pdf) Programme (pdf) Report (pdf)

3. Intellectual histories of teleology III:
Mastering history and teleology of the will: the 19th century as a century of grand projects
Athens 9-10 June 2011
Outline (pdf) Programme (pdf) Report (pdf)
Participants (pdf)

4. Cultural histories of teleology I:
Global circulations, engagements, and perspectives of historical teleology
Embassy of Finland, Budapest, 8.-9. September 2011
Outline (pdf) Programme (pdf) Chair's Introduction (pdf)
Participants (pdf) Report (pdf)
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Up Coming meetings:

5. Cultural histories of teleology II:
Hambacher Schloss 12.-13. June 2012
Here we take the first steps towards a preliminary assessment of meetings 1- 4. We discern the contours of alternative views on teleology.
Programme (pdf)

6. Towards an Alternative Philosophy of History?
Assessments and Prospects
Lake Saimaa, 11.-13.6. June 2013
The purpose of this final workshop of the group is an editing meeting where a selection of contributions to the previous meetings will be prepared for a volume edited by the three chairs
Programme (pdf) Participants (pdf)