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Kelly Grotke


Kelly Grotke received her BA in philosophy from Oberlin College, and her MA and PhD in history from Cornell University.  Her dissertation on natural law in eighteenth-century Germany (presently a draft manuscript with the working title, Between the Unity and the Manifold:  Natural Law in Eighteenth -Century Europe), was completed under the supervision of Isabel Hull (chair), Gregory Alexander, and Rachel Weil. She is an intellectual historian with particular interests in philosophical methodologies and the problems of time, legal history/theory, and the history of liberalism and conservatism. Her recent work has analyzed the importance of methodology and methodological claims within the natural law tradition as it developed in Europe and particularly Germany, with the aim of uncovering the historical and philosophical sense behind ideas about universalism and particularism as expressed in law, science, and politics. She was a Lecturer in German history at Northwestern University for several years, working with Peter Hayes on his courses in modern German history and the history of the Holocaust ; she has also worked at the Northwestern School of Law on property issues with Clint Francis. Prior to joining the EReRe project, she was Director of Research at Harvest Investments, a private-sector independent securities evaluation firm, where she led a project on increasing financial transparency for state and state-regulated entities. 

Reseach Statement under revision
The provisional title: Time, History, and Logic in the Long Nineteenth Century

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The Challenge of Method: Natural Law, Natural Philosophy, and Universalism in the 17th and 18th Centuries by Kelly Grotke

Kelly Grotke