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8 -9 April 2013
Second meeting of theWorking Group Property and Poverty: Perspectives on the Nineteenth-Century Social Question

The working group, ’Property and Poverty: Perspectives on the Nineteenth-Century Social Question’ met for the second time in April to further the discussions that had begun in December.  Returning participants included Bo Stråth (Helsinki), Koen Stapelbroek (Rotterdam), Diana Siclovan (Cambridge), Tom Hopkins (Helsinki), Jos Betts (Cambridge) and Jani Marjanen (Helsinki), whilst Edward Castleton (Franche-Comté) participated via teleconferencing.  The group also welcomed Anna Plassart (Oxford), whose paper directed our attention to the ambiguous legacies of the Scottish Enlightenment for nineteenth-century thought.

Time for reflection had brought greater focus to the papers and this translated into a most productive discussion, weaving together perspectives drawn from Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.  The working group had been organized as an interrogation of the conceptual disjuncture between the social and the economic, but the discussion suggested that thinking about the tripartite relationship between  the political, the social and the economic, as it emerged from eighteenth and nineteenth-century debate offered a more fruitful way into the problem of the Social Question.  This will form the basis for further discussion as the project moves forward to thinking about publication of the very rich selection of papers presented over the course of the two workshops.