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Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies (Theoretical philosophy)

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Upcoming events

Past events

Upcoming events


June 28, 2013 International Symposium on Foucault

University of Helsinki, Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33, lecture hall 10, 3rd floor)


* * *

September 10–15, 2013: Power/Religion: A Revanche of Reaction or a Metaphor of Revolution?

Venues: Helsinki (University of Helsinki)
St Petersburg (European University at St Petersburg and Russian Christian Academy for Humanities)

Call for papers now in progress!

* * *

October 10-12, 2013 Women, Truth, Action: An International Conference in Philosophy
University of Helsinki, Finland. Call for papers now in progress!

Research seminar in phenomenology

The research seminar in will continue in late August 2013 at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Fabianinkatu 24, 2nd floor seminar room
Fridays 10–12 a.m.

Those interested in presenting a paper at the seminar, please contact Timo Miettinen
( [a]

Past events

February 8. 2013 Moral Emotions - a Seminar with Anthony Steinbock Program

(Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, seminar room 136) at 12 am.

February 9. 2013 10 am. Public examination of MA Timo Miettinen's doctoral dissertation

The Idea of Europe in Husserl's Phenomenology: A Study in Generativity and Historicity (Arppeneaum Auditorium, Snellmaninkatu 3).

Political Dimensions of Phenomenology
May 31, 2013 Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Room 136
Materialities and Materialisms in Contemporary Thought: Ontology, Politics, Technology

June 14-15, 2013

Plurality, Violence, Justice: 3rd meeting of the NOS-H network Gender,  Power and Violence

Mieli, ajallisuus ja ruumiillisuus: psykoanalyysin, psykiatrian ja filosofian risteymäkohtia


    Phenomenology and the Transcendental
    September 8–10, 2011

    At the Limits of Transcendental Phenomenology
    March 11–12, 2011   

    Dan Zahavi: "Husserl and the Transcendental"
    February 17, 2011

Marguerite La Caze: "A Taste of Ashes: Vengefulness and Impossible Reciprocity in Beauvoir"
May 5, 2011

Anthony J. Steinbock: "The Distinctive Structure of the Emotions"
April 11, 2011

Listening to the Silence: Martin Heidegger 120 years
November 16, 2009

Contemporary Topics in Phenomenology: An Encounter with Dermot Moran
May 21, 2009

Technology and Gestell: A Symposium with Professor Hans Ruin
November 3, 2008

Crisis and Tradition: Phenomenological Horizons
March 27–28, 2008


Research Seminar in Phenomenology: Spring 2013


Jan. 11, 10-12
Sanna Tirkkonen: TBA

Jan. 18, 10-12
Virpi Lehtinen: Embodiment in the Formation of Western Male Soldier Identity: A Perspective from the Phenomenology of the Body

Jan. 25, 10-12
Timo Miettinen: The Idea of Europe in Husserl's Phenomenology
(Defense Practice)


Feb. 1, 10-12

Feb. 8
Seminar on Moral Emotions with Anthony Steinbock

Feb. 15, 10-12

Julius Telivuo: On the Deleuzean Notion of Intensity

Feb. 22, 10-12


Mar. 1, 10-12

Sara Heinämaa: From the mind-body compound to the body-subject: An essay on Merleau-Ponty's relevance to contemporary philosophy of mind

Mar. 8, 10-12
Tetsuya Kono: Extended mind and the phenomenology of self-boundary

Mar. 15, 10-12

Jussi Backman: The Politics of Novelty: Idea and Ideology in Arendt and Badiou

Mar. 22, 10-12

Fredrik Westerlund: Heidegger's renewed critique of Husserl

Mar. 29, 10-12
Easter holidays


Apr. 5, 10-12
Risto Tiihonen: Association and Reciprocity

Apr. 12, 9.30-12.30
9.30-10.55 Sara Cohen Shabot: How Free is Beauvoir's Freedom? Unchaining Beauvoir through the Erotic Grotesque
11.05-12.30 Christine Daigle: Nietzsche as Phenomenologist

Apr. 19, 10-12
NoSP in Copenhagen

Apr. 26, 10-12

Irina Poleschuk: The Drama of the Self-Becoming: Transformation Justice in Levinas’ Ethics


May 3, 10-12

Anniina Leiviskä: Gadamer on modern and postmodern thought: an educational perspective

May 10, 10-12
Ascension day holidays

May 17, 10-12
Hermanni Yli-Tepsa: TBA

May 24, 10-12

Simo Pulkkinen: TBA

Research seminar in phenomenology, Spring 2012

Research seminar in phenomenology, Fall 2011

Research seminar in phenomenology, Spring 2011

Research seminar in phenomenology, Fall 2010

Research seminar in phenomenology, Spring 2010