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The general aim of English Translation Studies is to equip students with expert skills in the respective field and to prepare them in becoming critical-minded professionals who will also strive for constant development.  Upon graduation, students will possess a diverse education in the translation of English. In addition, students will acquire the means to act as experts on international communication and other tasks that require high skills in English. The students also acquire skills needed for conducting scientific research.

During their studies, students can concentrate on a special field, e.g. trade and commerce, technology, medicine and biology or some other specialty. In addition, students can specialise in audiovisual translation or interpretation.

Structure of the studies

Prospective students apply to study English philology, as the disciplines of English philology and English translation have the same compulsory basic studies. The student’s first major subject is registered as English philology. During the autumn term of their first year of study, students interested in English translation must complete the Translation competences course, whose final examination serves as both an entrance examination for English translation and a Finnish test. The major subject of the students who pass the examination is changed to English translation.

The scope of the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) is 180 credits and includes basic studies in translation studies and Finnish for translators in addition to basic studies in English philology (25 cr) and intermediate studies in English translation (45 cr). In addition, the studies include compulsory studies for students at the Faculty of Arts as well as elective studies chosen by the student.

In the Master of Arts degree (MA), English translation is part of the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, whose scope is 120 credits. These include at least 20 credits in one of the following specialities: law and administration, interpreting, or audiovisual translation. In addition, students may choose courses in language technology and other specialities. If the student has not completed a Bachelor’s degree in translation, he or she must also complete 25 credits in Finnish for translators and at least 10 credits in general translation studies.

Course catalogue

Course outilines, degree requirements and degree structure can be found in the course catalogue in WebOodi (please use the drop-down menu to choose the relevant year).

Student admissions

To become a student of English Translation Studies check these:

Find out more about degree programmes: Degree finder

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The right to study English Translation as a minor can be acquired through an annually held proficiency test for minor studies. Additional information can be attained from the home pages of the Department of Modern Languages.