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The origins of translation studies at the University of Helsinki are in Kouvola, where, in 1971, the Language Institute – maintained by the city of Kouvola – began training translators and interpreters. In the years between 1971 and 1981, a total of 377 students completed the three-year degree of certified translator. The degree consisted of two languages – English, Swedish or Russian as a major subject, and one of the aforementioned languages or German as a minor subject.

The Language Institute of Kouvola was nationalized on the first of August, 1981, and it was merged into the Historical-Philological Section of the University of Helsinki as the Kouvola Department of Translation Studies. From 1998 to 2009, it belonged to the Faculty of Arts under the name of the Department of Translation Studies.

In the autumn of 2009, the translation subjects moved to Helsinki, and from the beginning of 2010, English Translation has been a part of the new Department of Modern Languages. We cooperate with the other translation subjects and English Philology. Our students also complete compulsory basic studies in two subjects: Translation Studies and Finnish for Translators.