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Teaching of English translation on the bachelor's level ends in July 2020. Those students who already have the right to study as a major or a minor student can complete their studies during the transition period that ends at the end of July 2020.

Since August 2017 English translation can be studied only at the Degree Programme on Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication in which English translation forms one of the subjects.

English translation offers students education aiming at excellent spoken and written skills in both English and Finnish as well as at the ability to use language creatively and professionally. The wide-ranging education offered by the discipline aims at expertise and professionalism in language and culture.

In addition to language proficiency, the professional skills of a translator include cultural competence, the mastery of translation, diverse information-seeking skills as well as the knowledge of the theory of language and translation. The studies also introduce students to specialist language use in technology, commerce, medicine and law as well as their translation. The discipline prepares students for professional life by offering them authentic translation, interpreting and language consultancy commissions when possible.


The English translation subject has been granted free access to Memsource Academic edition.


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