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English Philology students – Who are they and what do they want?

Only half of the new English Philology students know what they want professionally, but all of them know what they want from their English Philology courses.

When first-year students were asked to write essays explaining how and why they decided to study English Philology and what they expect from their studies, most students said that they were interested in English linguistics or English literature. Some were also motivated by other aspects of culture, such as movies, politics and history.

Around 50% of the students expected to receive a professional education and roughly 30-40% wanted to become teachers. About 40% of the students expressed uncertainty regarding their future occupation but many believed that their studies in English Philology would not be in vain as they could be useful in other fields, too.

Indeed, possible occupations are not limited to teaching, translating and research. According to a national questionnaire surveying university graduates (MAs) of English in 2010 and 2012, the English graduates were employed in varying occupations with 90 different job titles. Over half of the English graduates worked in education, but the rest of them reported that they work in varying fields such as media and information; as translators, reporters and planners; and in design, development and administration as specialists, consultants, managers and designers. In sales and marketing graduates had found work as copywriters and producers.

Text by Laura Hekanaho, student of English Philology