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Literary research in English Philology at the University of Helsinki has greater depth and breadth than anywhere else in Finland. The subject is particularly strong in contemporary literature (American, Australian, British and Irish, and postcolonial/diaspora), early modern literature, women’s literature, and literary theory. Science fiction is a new area of interest, especially among current postgraduate students.

Bo Pettersson is Professor of Literature of the United States. In 2003-2006 he was Director of The Finnish Graduate School of Literary Studies, and is now its Associate Director. He is responsible for the postgraduate seminar in literature, and has directed dissertations on American, British and Australian literature.

Docent Mark Shackleton’s research project “Cross-Cultural Contacts: Diaspora Writing in English” brings together scholars working on postcolonial and diaspora issues. University lecturers, lecturers, researchers and hourly-paid teachers with an interest in literary research include Juuso Aarnio, Laurel Bush, Joseph Flanagan, Nely Keinänen, Merja Polvinen, Maria Salenius, Howard Sklar and Cecilia Therman. See Staff and Postgraduate students.

Recent publications include the dissertations of Aarnio, Polvinen and Sklar as well as Narrative and Identity: Theoretical Approaches and Critical Analyses (Birgit Neumann, Ansgar Nünning and Bo Pettersson, eds; Trier, Germany: WVT, 2008), which includes articles by Aarnio, Pettersson and Polvinen.