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English Philology belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Research and postgraduate studies

English philology is an internationally recognised research-active discipline. Key themes of research conducted in the field include

  • The study of the history, variation, linguistic contacts and change in the English language
  • The compilation and study of digital materials (corpora, editions) of English using sociolinguistic, pragmatic and philological approaches
  • The status of English as a lingua franca
  • The study of English literature from the 16th century to the present using narratological, postcolonial and cognitive approaches

The discipline’s teachers are also researchers in their own specialist fields, and their teaching is based on research. Approximately 50 Master’s and two to four doctoral degrees are completed annually in English philology. The discipline organises international conferences, and visiting researchers enrich its activities.

In the 2010–2012 international evaluation of research and doctoral education, the discipline’s researchers volunteered for evaluation in several different research groups. The VARIENG research unit received top score in the category “Research of the participating community represents the international cutting edge in its field”. English philology (the former Department of English) received the best possible evaluations for its research in 1999 and 2005.

English philology is home to several research projects of various sizes in linguistics and literary studies, and Master’s students may participate in them. A good way of familiarising oneself with the world of research is to write a Master’s thesis on a research project topic. Those who are seeking to pursue doctoral education should familiarise themselves with the ongoing research projects, as supervision will be available on these topics. For more information on research conducted in the discipline, see also the staff’s TUHAT research database webpages.

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