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English Philology belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

P.O. Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40 B)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki


Studies in English Philology provide the students with a comprehensive view of the language and culture. Graduates from the discipline are employed, for example, as subject teachers, translators, researchers and in a variety of international adminstrative and expert duties.

The students of English Philology study the special characteristics of the English language, linguistic varieties, literature and cultures of English-speaking regions and English philology as a scientific discipline. During their studies, the students examine and analyse both contemporary English and the historical development of the English language from its origins to its current position as a lingua franca. The variety of research subjects is extensive, and research conducted in the discipline is top class internationally.

The proficient English skills already possessed by the students are further honed during the studies to approximate as closely as possible the language use of an educated person speaking English as his/her mother tongue. Specialisation options in the studies include linguistics, literature, language history and language teaching.