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Think Corner


A cup of coffee and a slice of science

Think Corner welcomes everyone to see, hear about and experience University research and teaching. Built around scientific themes and individual events, Think Corner’s programme deals with the versatile world-class research conducted at the University as well as with topical, red-hot issues.


University of helsinki

Helsingin yliopisto

The University of Helsinki is an international academic community of 40,000 students and staff members. We operate on four campuses, influence society as a whole, and create relations all over the world. We build a better future through a critical outlook and creative approach. Join us!

University of Helsinki News

Islamophobic Moscow
– In the Russo-Ukrainian conflict Muslim Tatars are...
Understanding the dog genome offers insight into human diseases
Researcher Marjo Hytönen was one of three award winners...
Putin speaks like a czar
In 1809, when Finland became a part of Russia after...


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HELSINKI Think company

Helsinki Think Company

Helsinki Think Company at Vuorikatu 5 is a city-centre forum for new entrepreneurial activities. It is a communal workspace where students, researchers and entrepreneurially minded individuals can build networks.

Helsinki Think Company, launched by the University of Helsinki and City of Helsinki, is open Mondays through Fridays from 10.00 to 18.00.


University of Helsinki presents

The capacity and abilities of the human brain may seem magical, but scientific research into their function is progressing rapidly. At Think Corner we get ready to bust some myths and turn cutting edge information from the pages of scientific journals into easy-to-understand sessions and discussions. Specialists focusing on different parts of the brain, linguists, learning researchers, doctors, sleep and trauma researchers and a host of other experts discuss their latest research finds and what they mean to our day-to-day lives.

THINK CORNER: BRAIN 24.2. - 30.4.2014 »


Helsinki is unique among Northern European cities. The lifestyle in the second-most northern capital city in the world is full of contrasts and activities in the form of hundreds of events and friendly people. Helsinki's identity has been formed by cultural influences from both the East and West


University of Helsinki
Easter is just around the corner - Our International Student Ambassadors Jana and Mariana shared their experiences in Finnish Easter with you. Check out our blog for an explanation in some Finnish Easter traditions.

Time for witches, mämmi and chocolate eggs | Welcome to UHTime for witches, mämmi and chocolate eggs | Welcome to UH
Time for witches, mämmi and chocolate eggsPosted on April 7, 2014 by AnnaDo not panic if, on the Sunday preceding Easter, little Easter witches — especially girls — dressed up in colourful clothes and painted cheeks and freckles turn up at your door.The witches go from door to door carrying willow t...


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World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki
"´s mission is to apply human-centered design to poverty-related challenges"

Bringing Design Thinking To Social Problems, Focuses On The People In Need
The nonprofit spin-off of the huge design firm takes on issues like sanitation and clean cook stoves from the unique perspective of the design world.


HelsinkiUni: Helsingin yliopisto saamassa oman metropysäkin!

HelsinkiUni: Congrats to our alumn Sampo Karjalainen @sampok on making it to @WiredUK 's list of Europe's top digital influencers!

HelsinkiUni: Professorin viinivinkki pääsiäiseksi sekä mietteitä ensimmäisen ehtoollisen ja luolamaalauksien yhteydestä:

Helsinki New Horizons


a. In the forthcoming decades, Helsinki will expand faster than ever before, with the construction of a variety of apartments, offices, kindergartens, schools, parks, streets and recreation areas. The City of Helsinki aims to build quality neighbourhoods where people can enjoy both work and leisure.


HelsinkiTourism: In #Helsinki during #Easter ? Check out the events and opening hours here!

HelsinkiTourism: Sunset over Helsinki #Helsinki365

HelsinkiTourism: If you are into bubbly drinks, head for the @K0RJAAM0 Champagne Markets this Friday and Saturday!

Helsinki city news

Easter in Helsinki
The Easter festivities in Helsinki begin on Good Friday...
Maintenance work on website on Friday
Maintenance work will be undertaken on the website...
Mock-up of the new metro train on show at depot
Helsinki City Transport’s metro train depot in Roihupelto...


Helsinki City Events

At Spanish-influenced Goce Bar & Kitchen southern warmth is found both in the staff and food & drink
Goce Bar & Kitchen that had a small location earlier...
Tove Jansson Jubilee Exhibition at Ateneum – Work and Love
This year, it’s the 100th anniversary of the birth...
Refreshing sauna-day at Nuuksio National Park
Some time ago I was able to test Feel the Nature‘s...


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