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The Department of Economics and Management has five major subjects: Food Economics, Marketing, Agricultural Economics, Consumer Economics and Environmental and natural resource economics. The department’s scientific basis is in economics and business administration. Students can take the following degrees: Bachelor or Master of Food Sciences (Food Economics, Marketing), or Bachelor or Master of Agriculture and Forestry (Marketing, Agricultural Economics, Consumer Economics, Environmental and natural resource economics). Students can also take specialisation studies within the major subjects. In addition, the department offers two minor subjects, Organizational Communication and Rural Entrepreneurship.

The department is responsible for the faculty’s common basic studies in economics, entrepreneurship and informatics. Around 85 students are admitted every year, and the department has around 45 staff members. In its activities and fields of specialisation, the department, as the only university level unit in Finland, covers the entire food chain including consumption and environmental impacts. The Department of Economics and Management is responsible for a substantial part of the teaching of general business administration provided at the University of Helsinki.

Major subjects:

Agricultural economics

Consumer Economics

Environmental and natural resource economics

Food Economics


Minor subjects:

Rural entrepreneurship