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Fisheries Research


About us

Fisheries research group focuses on the optimal exploitation of fish stocks. Our methodological focus is on bioeconomic modelling, game theory and numerical analysis. Baltic salmon, herring, cod and whitefish are the latest studied species. Fisheries research group co-operates with biologists and economists from different national and international research institutes and universities, for instance from University of Southern Denmark,Imperial College London and University of Algarve.


Marko Lindroos, University Lecturer

Anna-Kaisa Kosenius, Postdoctoral researcher

Katja Parkkila, Doctoral student

Emmi Nieminen, Doctoral student

Maija Holma, Doctoral student

Tin-Yu Lai, Doctoral student

Sezgin Tunca, Doctoral student

Jarno Virtanen, Doctoral student

Heidi Pokki, Doctoral student



Soile Kulmala




2011-2015 The Nordic Centre for Research on Marine Ecosystems and Resources under Climate Change, NorMER

2012-2015 Economics of Aquatic Foodwebs, Academy of Finland AKVA programme, ECA

2015-2019 Marmaed Marie Curie ITN



2010-2013 Comprehensive Bioeconomic Modelling of Renewable Resources: Integration of Game Theory, Valuation and Multispecies Interactions, Academy of Finland, BIREGAME

2012-2013 Reducing Climate Impacts of Fisheries (Effekter av att beskatta bränsle i nordiskt fiske). Nordiska råd prosjekt.

2007-2009: Economic interaction and valuation in multi-species models – A case study of Baltic Salmon and grey seal. University of Helsinki 3-year research project. TARMO

2004-2008:Operational Evaluation Tools for Fisheries Management Options - EFIMAS, EU 6 th frameworkprogramme Prior 8 Project.

2006-2008: Precautionary risk methodology in fisheries - PRONE, EU 6th framework programme SSP Project.

2008: Data Analysis to support the development of a Baltic Salmon Action Plan, EU Tender.

2003-2005: Baltic Salmon Action Plan in the Bothnian Bay Rivers: Interdisciplinary Modelling of the Evolving Salmon Stock and Socio-Economic Aspects , The Academy of Finland , Baltic Sea Research Programme - BIREME

2006: Baltic Sea Fisheries Management after Enlargement of EU, Network for European Studies project.

2004-2007:Creation of Multiannual Management Plans for Commitment - COMMIT, EU 6 th framework programme Prior 8.1 Project


EAFE workshop Optimising value chains in fisheries June 1-2, 2010 Helsinki.

The presentations from the workshop are available for download here.


Selected papers

P. Pintassilgo, L.G. Kronbak & Marko Lindroos 2015. International Fisheries Agreements: A Game Theoretical Approach. forthcoming in Environmental and Resource Economics 62, 689-709.

X. Liu, Marko Lindroos & Leif Sandal 2015. Sharing a Fish Stock When Distribution and Harvest Costs are Density Dependent. forthcoming in Environmental and Resource Economics 63, 665-686.

Bjørndal, T. and Marko Lindroos 2014. Noncooperative management of the Northeast Atlantic cod fishery: A first-mover advantage. Natural Resource Modeling 27, 396-410.

Holma, Maija, Lindroos, Marko and Soile Oinonen 2014. The Economics of conflicting interests: Northern Baltic salmon fishery adaptation to gray seal abundance. Natural Resource Modeling 27, 275-299.

Marko Lindroos and Gordon Munro 2013. Introduction to the Special Issue on Game Theory and Fisheries: Recent Issues. Strategic Behavior and the Environment.  

Soile Kulmala, Polina Levontin, Marko Lindroos and Pedro Pintassilgo 2013. Atlantic Salmon Fishery in the Baltic Sea —  A Case of Trivial Cooperation? Strategic Behavior and the Environment.    

Mika Rahikainen, Marko Lindroos and Veijo Kaitala 2013. Stability of International Fisheries Agreements Using Precautionary Bioeconomic Harvesting Strategies. Strategic Behavior and the Environment.  

Bjørndal, Trond & Lindroos, Marko 2012. Cooperative and non-cooperative management of the Northeast Atlantic cod fishery. Journal of Bioeconomics 14, 41-60.

Nieminen, Emmi, Marko Lindroos and O. Heikinheimo 2012. Optimal Bioeconomic Multispecies Fisheries Management: A Baltic Sea Case Study. Marine Resource Economics 27, 115-136.

Kronbak, L. G. & Lindroos Marko 2011. On Species Preservation and Non-Cooperative Exploiters, Strategic Behavior and the Environment 1, 49-70.

Lindroos Marko, Kronbak L. G. (2010): "Strategic Behaviour in Fisheries", in Handbook of Marine Fisheries Conservation and Management (R. Quentin Grafton, Ray Hilborn, Dale Squires, Maree Tait and Meryl Williams eds.), Oxford University Press forthcoming.

Bailey M., Sumaila U. R. & Lindroos Marko (2010). Application of game theory to fisheries over three decades. Fisheries Research 102, 1-8.

Pintassilgo P., Finus M., Lindroos Marko & Munro G. (2010). Stability and Success of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations. Forthcoming in Environmental and Resource Economics.

Kallio-Nyberg I., Salminen M., Saloniemi I. & Lindroos Marko (2011). Effects of marine survival, precocity and other life history traits on the cost-benefit of stocking salmon in the Baltic Sea. Forthcoming in Fisheries Research.

Kulmala, S. (2009). Essays on the Bioeconomics of the Northern Baltic Fisheries. Ph.D thesis, Department of Economics and Management, University of Helsinki.

Marko Lindroos (2008). Coalitions in International Fisheries Management. Natural Resource Modeling 21, 366-384.

Soile Kulmala, Laukkanen, M. & Michielsens C. (2008) Reconciling economic and biological modeling of migratory fish stocks: Optimal management of the Atlantic salmon fishery in the Baltic Sea. Ecological Economics 64: 4, p. 716-728.



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