Program Information for speakers Abstracts

Conference Programme

MONDAY, 24th

8.30  –  9.00    Registration and coffee

9.00  –  9.30    Opening of the Seminar

  • Heikki Mannila, Professor, President of Academy of Finland
  • Hatla Thelle, Chair, European China Law Studies Association (ECLS); Senior Researcher, Danish Institute of Human Rights
  • Pekka Hallberg, Former President of the Supreme Administrative Court, Finland
  • Kimmo Nuotio,Professor of Criminal Law, Dean, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law

9.30  – 12.00   Keynote Speeches

  • Teemu Ruskola, Professor of Law, Emory Law School/Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture: "Legal Orientalism: A Global Genealogy of Chinese Law."
  • Julia Ya Qin, Professor of Law, Wayne State University Law School: "China and International Rule of Law: A Decade of WTO Membership."
  • Mo Jihong, Professor, Assistant Director, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: “The Role of China’s Constitutional Law in Preserving Rule of Law”

12.00 – 13.00  Lunch

13.00 – 15.30  Session I

Panel 1:         Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics – Theoretical Accounts

  • Chair: Ditlev Tamm, Professor of Law, Copenhagen University
  • Juha Karhu, Professor, University of Lapland: “Modern Chinese Legal Culture in a European Perspective.”
  • Ignazio Castellucci, Professor, University of Trento, University of Macau: “Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics: Variable Geometries.”
  • Katrin Blasek, Professor, SRH University Heidelberg: “Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics: What Does It Mean in P.R. China in 2012?”
  • Rebecka Zinser, Lecturer, Deputy Director, Sino-German Law Institute, Nanjing University: “Law with Chinese Characteristics: Legal Tradition or Legal Policy?”

Panel 2:         China’s Labour Law

  • Chair: Ulla Liukkunen, Professor, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
  • Mimi Zou, Junior Dean, DPhil in Law Candidate, St John’s College, University of Oxford: “The Evolution of Labour Law with “Chinese Characteristics”?
    Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones?”
  • Kate Elizabeth Kinahan, Nanjing University: “Labor Disputes and Transformative Mediation in China: The Way Forward.”
  • Marja Paavilainen, LL.D. Candidate, University of Helsinki: “Implementation of Employment Discrimination Law in China – Preliminary Observations.”
  • Giovanni Pisacane, Senior Partner, GWA - Greatway Advisory Shanghai: “Employment Termination by Employer in China.”

Panel 3:         Environmental Law

  • Chair: Song Ying, Professor, Peking University Law School
  • Xinhong Wang, PhD Candidate, University of Turku: “Bringing an Administrative Litigation to Redress Failures of Access to Environmental Information in China: Problems and Progress.”
  • Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Turku: “The (Non-Existent) Animal Welfare Law in China.”
  • Miao He, PhD Candidate, Ghent University: “Harmony Between Protected Areas and Human Beings Through a Rights-Based Approach in China.”
  • Marie Aude Balland, Lawyer, DS Avocats: “Soil Pollution in China.”
  • Nengye Liu, PhD Candidate, Ghent University: “Implementing International Law on the Prevention of Vessel-Source Pollution in China, an Assessment.”

15.30 – 15.50  Coffee break

15.50 – 17.50  Session II

Panel 1:         Rule of Law from Below

  • Chair: Pia Letto-Vanamo, Professor and Vice-Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki
  • Yan Zhao, PhD Candidate, City University of Hong Kong: “Chinese Migrant Families Contest for Equal Access to Education in Capital Cities.”
  • Xiuying Cheng, Post-doctoral Researcher, Tsinhua University: “The Irony of "Rule of Law" -- a Case Study of Migrant workers' Legal Struggles in Central China.”
  • Karla Simon & Leon Irish, Professors, Catholic University of America; founders of the International Center for Civil Society Law: “Resourcing the Sector: Finding Ways to Make CSOs in China Sustainable.”
  • Simona Novaretti, Research Fellow, Università degli Studi di Torino: “Law with Chinese Characteristics and Civil Society: Is the Enactment of the ‘Amendment of Civil Procedure Law (Draft)’ a Real Step Forward in the Development of Public Interest Litigation in China?”

Panel 2:         Intellectual Property Rights

  • Chair: Niklas Brunn, Professor, University of Helsinki, Director for the IPR University Center
  • Emilio Ramos, PhD Candidate,School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: “Conflicting Conceptions of the Rule of Law: How China Moves Toward Innovation. Freedom, Free-riding and Informal Discretion Practices.”
  • Kong Qingjiang, Professor, Vice-Dean, School of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law: “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats? China's Attitude towards TRIPs-Plus Obligations-- Evidenced by Its Free Trade Agreements in the Post-WTO.”
  • Katja Weckström (Lindroos), University Lecturer in Commercial Law, Department of Law, Åbo Akademi University: “A Comparative View of the Chinese Trademark System on the Books and Chinese Trademark Law in Action.”
  • Yajie Zhao, Ph.D Candidate, University of Helsinki: “Time Limit of Foreign Related IP Trial in China.”

Panel 3:         Administration and Social Governance

  • Chair: Andrew Le Sueur, Professor of Public Law, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Rogier Creemers, Post-doctoral Researcher,University of Oxford: “Historical and Philosophical Issues in Chinese Communications Governance: Towards an Idea of Neoliberal Leninism with Chinese Characteristics.”
  • Perry Keller, Lecturer, Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London: “The Case of the Missing Public Officials: Defamation and the Public Figure Defence in China.”
  • Chun Peng, PhD Candidate, University of Oxford: “The Origin of Land Taking Powers in Modern China--Conceptualization and Contestation.”
  • Jiang Bo, Associate Professor, Law School of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: “Respect the Result of Vote: One Important Step for Rule of Law in China.”



9.00  –  10.45  Session III

Panel 1:         Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics – Cultural Aspects

  • Chair: Olli Mäenpää, Professor, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
  • Samuli Seppänen, SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School: “ ‘The Three Supremes’ and Other Useful Paradoxes – Explicating China’s Conservative Socialist Legal Thought”
  • Agnes Schick-Chen, Associate Professor, University of Vienna: “Defining Chinese Characteristics: Towards a New Theory of Legal Culture.”
  • Chen Yifeng, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki: “Adjudicatory Justice and Xinfang System: Dualism of Justice?”

Panel 2:         Corporate Governance (I)

  • Chair: Jukka Mähönen, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Turku
  • Chuanman You, Ph.D Candidate, University College Dublin, “Understanding Hostile Takeovers Regulations: A Path Dependent Approach”
  • Wei Wang, Aalto University, School of Economics: “Merger Remedies in China: Comparison with the EU Approach.”
  • Kristie Thomas, Lecturer, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Nottingham: “The Product Liability Regime in China: Converging with International Standards?”

Panel 3:         Between Administrative Penalty and Criminality

  • Chair: Kimmo Nuotio, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki
  • Zexian Chen, Professor, Director of the Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: “Reform of the System of Re-education Through Labor: Perspective of Rule of Law.”
  • Wei Pei, PhD Candidate, Erasmus Law School of Erasmus University: “Criminal Procedural Agreement in the Context of the Contemporary Criminal Justice System in China.”
  • Hermann Aubié, PhD Candidate, University of Rennes 2: “A Critical Examination of Article 105 from a Historical Perspective.”

10.45 – 11.00  Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30  Session IV

Panel 1:         China and International Rule of Law

  • Chair: Jarna Petman, University Lecturer, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
  • Matthieu Burnay, Researcher, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies: “China in the UN Security Council: What Implications for the International Rule of Law?”
  • Wim Muller, Researcher, European University Institute: “Moving Beyond Sovereignty: China's Changing Role in the relation to International Rule of Law.”
  • Antonella Forganni, Post-doctoral Researcher, Beijing Normal University, Bocconi University: “The Role of China in Developing International Law.”

Panel 2:         Corporate Governance (II)

  • Chair: Otto Malmgren, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Board member, European China Law Studies Association (ECLS)
  • Maura Dykstra, PhD Candidate,University of California: “The Practice, Rhetoric and Law of Going Broke: Firm Bankruptcy and Insolvency Disputes in  Chongqing from the Eighteenth Century to the 1911 Republican Revolution.”
  • Yiying Yang, PhD Candidate, Chair of International Economic Law, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg: “A Basic Research on the Legal Relationship between Banks and Enterprises in China.”
  • Qingxiu Bu, Lecturer in Law, Queen’s University: “Will Chinese legal Culture Constrains its Corporate Governance-Related Laws?”

Panel 3:         Criminal Justice in China: Recent Development

  • Chair: Raimo Lahti, Professor, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
  • Qiuhong Xiong, Professor, Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: “The Amendment to China's Criminal Procedure Law from the Perspective of Human Right.”
  • Lei Cheng, Associate Professor, Law School of Renmin University of China: “Balancing Human Rights and Police’s Investigation Power: From the Perspectives of China’s New Criminal Procedure Law.”
  • Sakari Melander, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki: "Criminal Justice Policy in Finland and China - Comparative Remarks."

12.30 – 13.30  Lunch

13.30 – 15.30  Session V

Panel 1:         International Human Rights in China

  • Chair: Hatla Thelle, Chair of the ECLS; Senior Researcher, Danish Institute of Human Rights
  • Rhona Smith, Professor,Northumbria University: “China’s Contribution to Human Rights Through Universal Periodic Review.”
  • Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, Post-Doctorate Researcher, The Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki: “Contested Representation: Exploring China’s ambiguous position in the international human rights framework”
  • Michael Davis, Professor, University of Hong Kong: “China's National Minority Autonomy Policies in International Legal Perspective: The Case of Tibet.”
  • Shengnan Qiu, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Essex: “The Implementation of the International Human Right to Health in the Chinese Context.”

Panel 2:         China’s Contract Law and Property

  • Chair: Juha Karhu, Professor, University of Lapland
  • Mary Szto, Professor,Hamline University School of Law: “There’s a Contract in My Soup: Chinese Contract Formation and Ritual Eating and Drinking.”
  • Yanan Zhang, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland: “How to Develope Relational Capability in Relational Contracting?”
  • Nicolas Nord, Professor,Universite de Strasbourg: “The Law Applicable to International Contracts: the Situation in China.”
  • Caterina Mugelli, PhD Candidate, University of Florence: “Rule of Law to Fill Legislative Gaps: Considerations in the Field of Property Law.”

15.30 – 15.45  Coffee break

15.45 – 17.15  Session VI

Panel 1:         China’s International Economic Law

  • Chair: Lena Sisula-Tulokas, Professor, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law
  • Julien Chaisse, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Investment International Litigation with China - Towards a New Era in Sino-Foreign Investment Arbitration?”
  • Huang Zhixiong, Professor of Law, Wuhan University: “Toward Rule of Law for China's Internet Censorship? The Role of WTO Law”
  • Shiv Nand, University of Sheffield: “The Formation of China-ASEAN Trade Bloc, the Development of a FTA and the Future Prospects of China in Years to Come.”

Panel 2:         Rule of Law by Judiciary: Courts, Judges and Lawyers

  • Chair: Stephanie Balme, Professor, Science Po.
  • Xiaohong Yu, Lectuer, Tsinghua University: “Rule of Law under (Fragmented) Authoritarianism: Explaining the Expansion of Judicial Power in China.”
  • Björn Ahl, Associate Professor, University of Cologne: “Chinese Court Buildings and the Rule of Law.”
  • Richard Wagner, Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie LLP: “Guiding the Law: Reflections on Imperial Magistrate Handbooks and SPC Judicial Commentaries.”

17.15 – 19.00  General Assembly of the European China Law Studies Association

19.30 – 21.00  Mayor’s Reception, the Municipality of Helsinki, City Hall, Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13