Contact Information

Yifeng Chen
Conference Coordinator

Yliopistonkatu 3 (P.O. Box 4)
00014 University of Helsinki
phone +358-(0)9-19123541

Alice Neffe
Conference Secretary

Yliopistonkatu 3 (P.O. Box 4)
00014 University of Helsinki
phone +358-(0)9-19122415

7th Annual Conference of The European China Law Studies Association (ECLS)


“Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics: Asian, European, and Global Perspectives”

24-25 September 2012
Pörssitalo, Fabianinkatu 14, 00010 Helsinki



Welcome to the 7th Annual Conference of the European China Law Studies Association (ECLS)!  This year conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 24th – 25th September 2012. The conference is jointly organized by the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Center of Chinese Law and Chinese Legal Culture.

We have various panels which will expose interesting Chinese law issues within such themes as:

  • Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristic – Theoretical Accounts
  • Rule of Law by Judiciary: Courts, Judges and Lawyers
  • Rule of Law and Legal Culture
  • Administrative Law and Governance
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Environmental Law
  • China’s Labour Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • China’s Contract Law
  • Criminal Justice in China
  • China and International Rule of Law
  • International Human Rights in China

During the call for papers we received a considerable number of applications. Although we found many abstracts highly intriguing and of excellent quality, we believe we have selected those promising the most vivid exchanges. Additionally, our speakers are coming from Europe, Asia and the United States, what promises us tackling the subjects from different perspectives.

We hope that these two days of interesting, challenging and educational exchange will shape the future of research on Chinese Law.

Yours sincerely,
The Organizing Committee