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Handbook on Human Rights and Crisis Management in the Context of CSDP Operations

Purpose: A practical field handbook on human rights for CSDP mission personnel. Its aim is to enable all EU personnel working in conflicts and emergencies to understand and apply
(“mainstream”) the main principles of human rights in their daily work. The handbook will address human rights mainstreaming on two levels:
-how the operation and it’s staff should respect human rights
-how the operation can manage its activities in order to have a positive effect on the human
rights situation in the context of its operation
Target audience: the 20-30 page hardcopy version of the handbook is particularly intended for
ESDP field staff with no or little prior human rights knowledge, however a more detailed online
version will also be a source of reference for hr & gender experts.
Training: Handbook will also be integrated into pre-mission training in Finland.
Content: The handbook should be a practical reference tool for use in the field context and will
attempt to translate the essential human rights (and briefly IHL) principles into practice. Human rights texts/instruments will be referred to where relevant but not elaborated upon in great detail.
The Handbook will take the operational mandate as a given and will not address this aspect.

Book Launch at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Researcher: Nina Nordberg

Duration January-August 2010

Publication: Human Rights and Crisis Management - A handbook for members of CSDP missions (pdf)