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Talks and Papers by Professor Martti Koskenniemi


Law, Teleology and International Relations: An Essay in Counterdisciplinarity (International Relations 2012 26: 3)

THE PUBLIC LAW OF EUROPE. Reflections on a French 18th century Debate (Published in: Helena Lindemann et al (eds), Erzählungen vom Konstitutionalismus (Baden-Baden, Nomos 2012), 43-73.)



Colonization of the 'Indies' - The Origin of International Law? Talk at the University of Zaragoza, December 2009

The Advantage of Treaties: International Law in the Enlightenment,
EdinLR (2009), Vol 13 pp 27-67.

Into Positivism: Georg Friedrich von Martens (1756–1821) and Modern International Law,
Constellations (2008), Vol 15 (2) pp 189-207.

"International Community" From Dante to Vattel

Oikeus ja Globalisaatio
Lecure on Justice and Globalization, 10th Anniversary of the Erik Castrén Institute (2008)

The Ideology of International Adjudication (2007)

"Not Excepting the Iroquois Themselves..."
Sociological thought and International Law, Max Weber Lecture, EUI, Florence (2007)

International Lawyers (2007)

Legacy of the 19th Century (2007)

Occupied Zone – "A Zone of Proportionality" (2007).

MISERABLE COMFORTERS: International Relations as New Natural Law
(Sir Kenneth Bailey Lecture, University of Melbourne, November 2006)

Toteutuvatko ihmisoikeudet? (Studia generalia 16.2.2006)

The Fate of Public International law ( "Chorley Lecture" at LSE ) 7.6.2006.

Voiko YK uudistua ("Is UN Reform Possible?") - esitelmä tiedeakatemiassa 9.10.2006.

International Law : Between Fragmentation and Constitutionalism, Canberra, 27 November 2006

Fragmentation of International Law: Difficulties Arising from the Diversification and Expension of International Law, Report of the Study Group of the International Law Commission , A/CN.4/L.682, 13 April 2006

International Law Commission, Report of the Study Group of the International Law Commission, Guidelines , A/CN.4/L.702, 18 July 2006

Constitutionalism as a Mindset: Reflections on Kantian Themes about International Law and Globalisation, Tel Aviv, 28-30 December 2005 (first draft)

Formalism, Fragmentation, Freedom: Kantian Themes in Today s International Law , Frankfurt 25.11.2005

On International Legal Positivism - Georg Friedrich von Martens (1956-1821) Influence on International law, University of Göttingen, June 2005.

Nationalism, Universalism, Empire: International Law in 1871 and 1919 , Columbia Univesity, April 2005.

Regiimi, totuus, ja uusi palkkausjärjestelmä. Requiem tieteen autonomialle. Puhe uudesta palkkausjärjestelmästä Helsingin yliopistolla 21.3.2005.

Global Legal Pluralism: Multiple Regimes and Multiple Modes of Thought , Harvard, 5 March 2005.

Ihmisoikeudet globalisaation hallinnassa , Eduskunnan oikeusasiamiehen 85-vuotisjuhla, Helsinki, 8.2.2005.

The Civilizing Mission: International Law and the Colonial Encounter in the Late 19th Century , Rechtshistorikertag, Bonn 12-17 September 2004.

International Law in Europe: Between Tradition and Renewal Florence , Keynote at the Inauguration of the European Society of International Law, Florence, 14 June 2004.

International Law as Therapy: Reading The Health of Nations , Conference: "Thinking another world: This cannot be how the world was meant to be", Cambridge, 29 May 2004.

Perceptions of Justice: Of Walls and Bridges between Europe and the United States , Heidelberg, 10 February 2004.

Global Goverance and Public International Law , Frankfurt 9 February 2004, Kritische Justiz, 2004.

The History of International Law Today , published in Rechtsgeschichte, 2004.

International Law And Hegemony: A Reconfiguration , for Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 2004.

International Legislation: Today´s Limits and Possibilites , The University of Wisconsin - Madison, Conference "Speaking Law to Power: International Law and Foreign Policy", March, 5 - 6, 2004.

The Work of the International Law Commission at its fifty-fifth Session, (2003) , by Martti Koskenniemi and Christopher C. Mosley, 2003.

Between Empire and Legal Formalism , Recife, Brazil, 18 May 2003.

The Turn in Ethics in International Law , Bukarest, 4 November 2002.