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ECI guest lecture by Dr. Maria Varaki on "Europe’s mixed migration crisis; a New Era or the End of the Era for the EU migration and asylum framework"?

Time and place: Monday 4 April, 3pm in P674, Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3)
No registration needed.

Short introduction to the topic:
The latest mixed migration movements have triggered an unprecedented challenge of the European Union project as whole. The fundamental idea of a cosmopolitan liberal order is under severe contestation by populist and nationalist voices in some European countries, whereas in other moderate advocates unsuccessfully balance between security and humanitarian concerns. In the meantime, the EU concluded an agreement with Turkey with the purpose to curb the flow of migrants and refugees to Europe, whereas NATO undertook the responsibility to stem illegal trafficking and illegal migration in Aegean via the deployment of ships that are going to patrol and stop smugglers. Under the auspices of those very recent and unprecedented developments, the paper purports to explore the legal and policy implications for the common EU migration and policy framework. Does it indicate a failure of the EU normative mindset or does it open innovative paths of multilevel transnational response to new global challenges such the one of mixed migration movements?

Dr. Varaki’s bio:
Dr. Maria Varaki is a Greek lawyer and has recently been appointed Assistant Professor in International Law at Kadir Has University, Faculty of Law in Istanbul. Before joining Kadir Has University, she was a post-doctoral at the Law Faculty of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a visiting fellow at the iCourts Centre of the University of Copenhagen.
She holds a PhD in International Criminal Law from the Irish Centre for Human Rights in Galway, Ireland and two LLM degrees in International and Comparative Law, one from Tulane University, School of Law and one from New York University, School of Law. Additionally, she has worked for the OHCHR in Geneva, the UNHCR in New York and for the Legal Advisory section of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.
Her current research interests focus on legal theory about the principle of legitimacy, international responsibility with regard to refugee law, international courts and tribunals and the evolution of International Law during the Cold War.